On the refurbished iPhone 13s, Apple will no longer break the Face ID

On independently refurbished iPhones, Apple said it will leave on its idea to stop the Face ID. The company is always in litigation with the reform community and is being tested again.

When the “unofficial” screen changes of the iPhone 13 started the result was a breakdown of the Face ID settings. A new report from Verge states that Apple “will release a software update that does not require a microcontroller transfer to enable Visual ID after swap screen.”

Screen savers are the most common smartphone fixes. Apple has included a new microcontroller in the iPhone 13 display that connects each screen with the other components of the phone. As iFixit reported If a third-party repair shop replaces the iPhone 13 display, Apple will remove the Phone ID setting.

The repair community has begun to call this trust culture part “serialization.” Basically, every secure component transmits the serial number back to the operating system, and the software keeps track of the serial numbers that the device should have. If you replace a part, one of the serial numbers will change and the operating system will recognize it. In case of replacing the third-party iPhone 13 screen, the phone will say “Cannot activate Face ID on this iPhone”.

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