On Store Employees Safety Checks, Apple to Pay $ 30 Million

Apple Store employees in California will finally receive payment for the time the company spends checking their bags for possible burglary products while they are off, after years of fighting in court.

According to court documents filed in Northern California on Friday, and reported by Bloomberg, a total of 14,683 current and former Apple Store employees worked for the company from July 2009 to December last year. 2015 may take part in the distribution, which must be approved by the district judge. A class action lawsuit seeking the company’s 52 stores in California was filed in 2013 by two Apple Store employees.

The workers opposed the company’s policy of making unpaid searches of their bags and Apple devices every time they left the store. Findings, which must be performed by a manager or security guard, average on average between 5 and 20 minutes, but last up to 45 minutes on the fastest days. Failure to undergo these proceedings may result in disciplinary action or termination.

Although Apple argues that anyone who does not like getting their bags or Apple products checked may choose not to bring them to work — which, speaking as a former clothing store employee, is hard to do as the bags always carry food, snacks, water, keys, and medicine, among others – it suspended its policy in December 2015.

Gizmodo contacted Apple for comment on the decision but received no response by the time of publication.

In court documents, lawyers for Apple Store employees explained that the average pay for employees was calculated based on the number of shifts and years they worked for Apple during the time the lawsuit was covered. The lawyers expect the average salary for a class member to be $ 1,286.

The case goes through several rounds and rounds. A judge agreed with Apple’s request in 2015 to dismiss the case, but it has since been brought back from the dead by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2020, as reported by the Court Information Service. The case even went before the California Supreme Court, which ultimately ruled that employees should be paid for the time spent on bag search.

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