On my M1 Max MacBook Pro, Monterey bugs are growing fast

Three (or possibly four) annoying macOS Monterey bugs spoil the experience a little, I continue to love my M1 Max MacBook Pro at first – especially the cooling and silent operation, and the impressive battery-life. Two of the cases are old and have been going on almost from the start.

Application memory error

The first is application memory error, caused by explicit memory leaks that lead to applications using gigabytes of memory. For me, this was limited initially to Apple Mail application – determined by switching to Spark – but it has become a frequent vibe for all applications.

Your system has completed the application memory. To avoid problems with your computer, disable any applications that you do not use.

Although this is not limited to Apple Silicon Macs, it seems to apply them to a much larger platform than Intel Macs.

With sweet irony, the most recent event was when I used the Fast View feature to check the screen of the error!

Sometimes there were seconds between these errors, until I was forced to restart, which left me on the beach for a few hours.

Failure See Fast

Drop of Fast View – a way you can see a preview of a photo or video by clicking on it and hitting the field – that too is broken. When I try Quick View, the Mac will periodically switch to the icon view despite the program being turned off.

Toggling Icon See turning on and off does not make a difference, and Googling found that the solution was to force-pull off the QuickLookUlService process in the Service Monitor.

Touch ID key on Magic Keyboard

While the Touch ID key on the MacBook Pro itself is surprisingly responsive, with the barest touch activating immediately, that is not the case with one on Keyboard Magic with Touch ID.

At first I thought the keyboard was wrong, as Touch ID stops working for access unless I turn on the keyboard every time I steal the Mac. But replacing an uber-easy later, the problem still exists – so it seems like this too is a bug.

Monitor the issue

I said there are three bugs. A fourth issue occurred after a new device memory error forced to restart: My Dell 49-inch monitor is no longer visible on USB-C. Regular troubleshooting issues (configuration cables, cycling both devices, ports and cables) do not make a difference.

At least the HDMI port is needed for something, which allows me to switch to that for a while, although that doesn’t give me full resolution. I hope the BetterDummy application will solve that, but unfortunately not as high as 5120 x 1440.

Finally I was able to restore through another power cycling option: restart the Mac, cycling the next device while connected and then cycling again when disconnected before rebooting. So yes, I am going with the Monterey glitch; one colleague suggested that perhaps the word memory cause the processes that led to the display.

Monterey bugs rather than hardware glitches

The first three cases all appear to be Monterey glitches rather than MacBook Pro hardware errors, and I suspect the fourth is, in fact.

However, since I switched to macOS 12 with the new device – as many others will – I think it is unlikely that they took a bit of polish off the new device.

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