On Apple devices, this image appears to be very different

The Photos application identifies important people, locations, and events in your library and organizes them into Memorial categories. You can also create and share your own memories with friends and family. To scroll through your memories, tap View All. Alternatively, tap a memory to start playing, then tap again to view others such as Memory mixes or Browse. When you press the navigation key, music will continue to play while memory photos will appear.

You may have noticed that when you look at something to buy online, you suddenly start to see it everywhere else on the web. This happens when a third party tracks cookies and other web data to display ads on multiple websites.

Chief Tracking Prevention uses the latest in machine learning and machine learning to fight this cross-platform. You hide your IP address from trackers so what you see on the website is your business – not the advertiser. And you do not have to change any settings for these protections because the Intelligence Tracking Protection is by default.

Your Privacy Report shows you all cross-site trackers blocked by Safari Tracking Prevention. You can access your traffic from the Safari toolbar and Safari start page. Safari checks to see if stored Keychain passwords are compromised in data breaches. It uses secure and private cryptographic technologies to constantly check the derivatives of your passwords against the public list of breached passwords. If Safari identifies a password that can be compromised, your device will tell you. Your password information is never disclosed as part of this process – not even to Apple. Safari works to prevent advertisers and webmasters from using a unique collection of features of your device to create a “fingerprint” to track you. These features include browser and browser configuration, as well as embedded fonts and plug-ins. To combat fingerprinting, Safari introduces an easy-to-use system setup so more devices seem to be identical to trackers, making it harder to take yours out. This protection is turned on by default, so there are no extra steps for you to perform. When you turn on Private browsing, Safari will not add visited sites to your history, remember your searches, or save any information from approved forms online. You can use content blockers to control what is loaded on your browser and to prevent anyone from trying to track your activity on a website or across websites. Content blocking support is ideal so that you can not send developers information about what you are looking at. With Smart Search in Safari, you can enter website names, web addresses, and search queries all in one place. Safari reduces the amount of data sent to third-party search engines – for example, it does not share your cookies or exact location, which can happen if you search through other means. Safari also offers the option to set DuckDuckGo as your default search engine, allowing you to search the web without being tracked.