On an iPhone or iPad with AirPods, one cannot watch the HBO Max glitch

HBO has rolled out a new HBO Max application for Apple TV that released the native tvOS video player in favor of a custom solution, one can remember it was made earlier this year. HBO returned to the native tvOS player a few weeks later after retirement. Because of a bizarre bug that just plays video when connected to AirPods, the HBO Max application for iPhone and iPad faces discipline.

As we first saw by Tom Guide, if you try to watch something in the HBO Max app on your iPhone or iPad with AirPods connected, the app will display a surprising amount of video that says, “streaming video to another show. ”

Essentially, it seems that HBO Max thought playing audio to AirPods was “video streaming to another display,” perhaps with AirPlay. A number of HBO Max subscribers on Reddit have also noticed this bug, and 9to5Mac is able to reproduce easily.

It is reported that HBO is aware of this bug and it is currently recommended to double check without using headphones. The report explains:

An HBO Max supporter, via Twitter DMs, told Guide Tom that “You are not the only one experiencing this. We know the case and it will be fixed on the App Store as soon as possible. Initially, it can stream without a headset or with another device. ”This is a non-solution for anyone out there and you do not want to be that annoying person who is blocking a show or movie on their device.