No iOS 15 if you own an iPhone 6s or other A9 device, Report says

After maintaining support for all devices that were capable of running iOS 13 when it launched iOS 14, Apple will drop some devices running iOS 15.

Apple will release iOS 15 at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) later this year, but it looks like not all existing iPhones will make the cut for compatibility. A report suggests that devices running on Apple’s A9 chip or earlier will not be able to download the latest version of its operating system. This includes the iPhone 6S and some other iPhone and iPad models.

Apple is well thought out when it comes to support for older devices. Its closed ecosystem means it is able to fully control which devices receive which updates and ensure that devices receive all possible updates to ensure their longevity. Of course, the constant march of technological advancement means that, in the end, older devices simply aren’t capable of properly running the latest software. When iOS 14 was launched, it supported all the same devices that were capable of running iOS 13. This meant support for devices that were up to six years old, which is deserving of the competition and was a money saver for those puts on an update.

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Now, however, it appears Apple’s moratorium on suspending support for older iOS-compatible models is coming to an end. Quoting “a developer friend at Apple”, IPhoneSoft Reports that iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone SE 2016 will not be able to download iOS 15. These were all launched in 2015 and 2016 and all work with the A9 chip. iPhoneSoft claims the A10 will be the minimum chip required to run iOS 15.

iOS 15: Other devices losing support

In addition to the three iPhones losing support, three iPads that can run iOS 14 are also rumored to be unable to run iOS 15. These are iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 5, released in 2015, 2014 and 2017, respectively. Like the iPhones that won’t have iOS 15 support, the iPad 5 works with the Apple A9 chip, but the other two devices also work with the older chips. The iPad Mini 4 runs on the A8, while the iPad Air 2 runs on the A8X. Of all the devices that don’t have iOS support, it is the iPad Air 2 that has achieved the longest lifespan of iOS.

It should be noted that devices that lose support will continue to run on iOS 14 (or whatever version they are running) but will not receive any new feature updates and apps will gradually stop working over time as they also support older iOS versions. Apple does release some security updates for older versions of iOS, but not indefinitely, and the official line is that users should stay as up to date as possible to ensure security.

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Source: iPhoneSoft

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