Next year, the BOE will provide 50 million OLED screens to the Apple iPhone

In providing OLED screens in order to have better transaction capacity, Apple is looking for more manufacturers. The U.S. manufacturing giant is trying to unleash even Samsung power. Samsung is a direct competitor. Kannada screen manufacturer has entered the iPhone supply chain, according to BOE reports. Next year, the Chinese manufacturer will supply 50 million OLED screens to Apple.

The report also said that among iPhone screen manufacturers, Samsung Display’s’s to offer 150 million OLED screens to Apple next year. For the LG Show, it will provide 70 million panels.

The milionu 50 million BOE is equivalent to 70% of LG’s exposure. If this happens, the BOE is closing the gap with LG. Currently, the new generation OLED manufacturers of iPhones are Samsung and LG first. Essentially, Samsung is responsible for LTPO panels on the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, the displays on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini are from the LG Display.

However, new reports from supply chain claim that the BOE is launching a new manufacturing concept. The company plans to transform its three companies into Apple OLED screen production plants. Currently, the company is providing replacement panels for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. However, the quantity is not very large, perhaps only 10% of the total transfer.

According to sources, Apple may distribute more screen orders to the BOE in the future. By the fourth quarter of 2022, the BOE will expand its current production capacity of 96,000 substrates to 144,000 per month. Apple attributes its hard drive to Samsung.

Given the above situation, some organizations believe that if the BOE supply increases significantly, the LG Display share may decline and the competition will become even more difficult. At the same time, unlike Samsung and BOE, which have many consumers, LG Display’s 6th-generation flexible OLED panel production line has only Apple as its customer. If passed by the BOE in Apple supply chain, the LG Display business will face risks after 2022.

The BOE also has some work to do

According to reports from China, the BOE is already testing LPTO panels. However, it appears that the company has a lot of problems with this technology. Therefore, whether the BOE will finally be certified to offer the iPhone 13 Pro series is unknown. However, on traditional OLED panels, its screen display effect has greatly improved. Therefore, it will not be surprising that the Chinese manufacturer provides panels for the iPhone 12 Pro.

The BOE has almost traded in advanced personal hexagonal screen design technology. Gift system technology is similar to the diamond processing technology of LG and Samsung. It can reduce the loss of PPI panel OLED (pixel density) and get better signal effect. This diamond system is important because LG and Samsung have a monopoly on this technology. The first smartphone to use BOE hexagonal screen technology was the Huawei P50 Pro +. If the Chinese manufacturer hopes to enter the full Apple supply chain, no doubt, it has to improve its profits significantly.

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