New MacBook Pro Charges And Specs Leaked

Apple is expected to unveil a number of products this spring, with some predicting that the event will take place on March 8, 2022. Three new Macs are expected to be released, one of which is a laptop. a laptop, according to an EEC file from earlier. this month. As a leap, the new MacBook you mentioned will be the MacBook Pro with an initial price of $ 1,499, and we have more information about it now.

Now we have to admit that we think this ‘leak’ may be more fake than true, but it is always possible that this is Apple’s idea. Leaks in question is a screen shot showing the comparison page from Apple’s website that appears when a customer selects the Compare features and enters the 13in, 14in and 16in MacBook Pro. It first appeared on the Apple First page (which is not thought to be very reliable). Here is what:

On the apparently leaked page you can find the new 13in MacBook Pro next to the 14in and 16in MacBook Pro models. The reason we suspect the image is that it lists Macs like the MacBook Pro 13 ″, MacBook Pro 14 ″ and MacBook Pro 16, which is not like it always identifies models – the page checked is: MacBook Pro 13-in (M1,2020), MacBook Pro 14-in (2021) and MacBook Pro 16-in (2021). High price: The new 13in MacBook Pro will obviously be $ 200 more expensive than the current one at $ 1,499. The MacBook Pro currently costs $ 1,299 (£ 1,299 in the UK).

No $ 1,299 model? We did not really expect Apple to release the $ 1,299 MacBook Pro model, so the idea that there is no other identifier for the 13in MacBook Pro other than the ″ 13 again sounds unexpected – the MacBook Pro 13-in (M2,2022) will sound. indeed is a more likely name for him. Replace model $ 1,499? This new MacBook Pro can replace the current $ 1,499 model which offers dual storage of entry level model. However, there are also rumors that the M2 MacBook Pro will be more expensive than the $ 1,499 2020 MacBook Pro and sits in the huge gap between the 13in and 14in models – the latter starting at $ 1,999 (£ 1,899 in the UK).

Mini LED and Notch: Another piece of information you can get from this picture is that the new MacBook Pro will offer a mini LED display and a notch. The screen size is about 13.3in, which is about the same size as it is now. We do not think this is the right picture!

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