Need to be on the market: These transparent Apple AirPods and MacBook chargers

Look-through tools that are not very real or very popular. But they need to be. The interior of a machine is visible, because the view-through shape is with transparent covers. See Edge Nothing (1), which came out earlier this year amid a lot of wind, if you are not sure what that looks like.

Now, an Apple enthusiast has also reviewed the AirPods and MacBook power adapter with a view-through design with new models, and they should go to market completely for sale.

Giulio Zompetti, an Apple app receiver, shares photos of custom AirPods models and a 29W power adapter for a 12 inch MacBook with transparent designs. And these models seem to be much more impressive and better than the commercial versions of these products that you can buy from the market. That’s because these examples show how Apple designed its AirPods and MacBook power adapter. There seems to be a whole new world within these tools, albeit in a smaller form.

In a joke, the design with the transparent design adds “Air” into the AirPods. The bar of the AirPods is jam-packed with wires and internal circuits. The look is like the ear of Nothing (1), which impresses everyone with its retro-futuristic design. But this is only a return to the time when visual-through materials used to be popular – in the 90s.

Apple’s iMac G3 is one of the first devices to come with a translucent cover where the entire inside of the computer is exposed. Likewise, the Nintendo 64 is a great example of how visual apps can look, and see a specific segment of customers who like geekiness coming out of their apps. The reason the pattern fades is not careless but the attempt to give different textures, such as matte finish or glossy finish, is what led to the fade.

The enthusiasts, however, also found a way to restore those designs through the skins making the devices look like their blankets were exposed. But while the use of skins is the closest thing to what the examples of Apple AirPods and MacBook power adapter show, it is not eternal and aesthetic solution.

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