My Precious: Show some love for the iPhone 12 mini

After waiting for it for four years, the Macalope has only had its beloved iPhone 12 mini for a few months and already has to defend its very existence. Truly this is the most annoying of deadlines.

Thanks for nothing, Large Hadron Collider.

“CIRP: iPhone 12 sales strong at launch, but iPhone 12 mini” probably disappointed Apple “”


There. It is settled.

Second, the Macalope knows what some of you will say. Oh, Macalope, why are you so defensive? Oh, Macalope, why are you barricading yourself in the house with your iPhone 12 mini? Oh, Macalope, is that a moat around your house … full of poisonous snakes? Where could you get so many? There are many snakes. And how did you train the sharks to swim through the snake, you know what? I do not want to know

Third, it should be noted that these are only estimates. Apple does not release iPhone sales …

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