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I have noticed a strange trend among Android users. They have a lot of powerful and surprising ideas about iPhone users. I can always depend on these views to fit whenever I publish something about phones or participate in online discussions about iPhones. During discussions on Android devices, I did not see a significant movement of posts in the opposite direction. Not only Android and iPhone users have different phone favorites. Many Android supporters believe that buying an iPhone is a mistake, and that if everyone is rational, inaccurate, and well informed, they will choose Android. It was an unusual event. And I look forward to learning more about it. So, on Google+, I asked a simple question for my Android friends: Why do people buy iPhones?

In less than eight hours, Google+ has expanded. Boys I get an earful. This is why people buy iPhones, according to Android fans:

The iPhone is a status symbol. IPhone buyers are attracted to the Apple brand as a status symbol or a custom accessory, for the same reasons people prefer Rolex watches or Gucci bags.

The iPhone is a smart phone for the dumb user. The iPhone should be easy to use, so beginners are attracted to it for that purpose.

iPhone users are ignorant. IPhone buyers do not know what Android phones can, nor do iPhone limitations matter.

iPhone users are suckered in by skillful marketing. iPhone users are brainwashed idea, victims of Steve Jobs’ true nuclear site. Advertising, commercials, packaging, TV and movie theaters and other marketing campaigns by Apple have convinced users that it is the best phone. The iPhone’s assumed superiority in marketing-driven perception.

The iPhone is the most popular phone and most recognizable brand. Some iPhone buyers prefer the best-selling phone for the same reason that people go to Starbucks instead of the local coffee shop or choose Nike shoes instead of the brand they have never heard of – great brands and brands are inspire themselves for your own sake. to some people.

The iPhone is associated with famous people. Everyone knows who Steve Jobs is, and the founders of Google not so famous. Some people are attracted to products associated with a famous person in the tradition of famous worship. This influence has been exacerbated by the death of the Services and the subsequent media community.

IPhone users will buy whatever Apple sells. In one of the iPhone users, the “halo effect” of other Apple products, including the iPod, was transferred to the iPhone. Today’s industry needs insights on demand – at any size and in any situation, data must be processed and analyzed from the entire edge area to the abundant clouds in a safe and secure way.

The iOS interface is familiar. Most people are already using Apple interfaces, including their home computers, iPod Touches, Apple TV systems or iPads, so an iPhone is comfortable.

iPhone users do not want to tinker. Many Android users enjoy customization and see that option as one of the first drawings of the Google operating system. They believe that iPhone users choose a phone that cannot be easily repaired because they have no interest in tinkering with their phones – and may even be anxious in the hopes of customization.

Apple just happened to get “there” first. The pent-up requirement for a smartphone with an application ecosystem precedes either iOS or Android, but Apple launches first. People rushed to buy iPhone, and stuck with it because they invested in apps.

IPhone users do not like technology. While Android phones feel like “technology,” the iPhone feels like a user application. Some choose iPhones because they want to avoid technology.

iPhone fans are easily overwhelmed by choice. The Android world is a huge number of different types of icons and icons that are hard to keep track of and remember, and it features many dizzying options. People who are naturally off of complexity gravitate to iPhone because the options are simpler and more.

So Android users are right about iPhone users? Personally, I think there is a truth in all those beliefs. Or, at the very least, most iPhone users are influenced by one or more of those motivations.

But in the same way that Android users notice the motivations and characteristics that iPhone users may not see in themselves, it is also true that iPhone users see or believe things that Android users do not.

For beginners, the iPhone is a work of beauty and design, has a “worry and finish” impeccable and is made with incredibly high quality materials. And from an application standpoint, that high quality is a good reason to buy an iPhone.

There is no question that phones “integrate” like iPhone and “open” platforms like each Android have positive characteristics. One of the benefits of “integrated” phones is responsiveness, which is essential to the overall user experience.

But the real reason some people choose an iPhone and others choose an Android device in person. People are different. Some people have the quality, ease of use and cleanliness of one than power, customization and choice – and those people are more likely to choose an iPhone.

I think iPhone users are more likely to want a phone that is perfect, polished and finished “something.” Android users want a powerful device with power.

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