Microsoft adds audio transcription to Word for the web

Audio transcriptions can now be done in Microsoft Word for the web with a new update available to Microsoft 365 subscribers.

An update to Microsoft Word on the web brings new transcription features to Microsoft 365 subscribers. The new feature comes at a time when transcription is in high demand across industries and Microsoft says its technology is as good as its competition in the field.

The new functionality is limited to Microsoft Word on the web and will make its way to the app version for iOS and Android devices by the end of 2020. There is no timeline showing if or when the service is available. transcript will arrive on the Word desktop.

Users can record conversations directly into Microsoft Word and have the audio transcribed after the conversation is over. The text does not appear until recording is complete and Word takes the time to finish analyzing the audio. When using transcription on recordings made in Word, users have unlimited transcription time.

Microsoft Word transcription

If you record using other services or want transcribed video, you can upload files to Microsoft Word on the web for analysis. Using this method is slow and can take as long as the recording itself to complete a transcription. Users can use this method for only 5 hours of audio per month.

The dictation feature in Word is also being upgraded. Users will be able to give commands while dictating such as “bold last sentence” or “start list”. The new features will use natural language processing and attempt to guess the desired command without users having to memorize specific scripts. Saying emoji names also inserts them directly into the text.

Dictating With Commands will be available to all users for free when signed in to a Microsoft account on mobile apps and the web. Word for Windows desktop and macOS will receive the feature in an update by the end of 2020, but it will require a Microsoft 365 subscription.

These new voice services are limited to English for now, with Microsoft promising more languages ​​in the future. Competitive products offer more versatility with offline transcription and more language support, like Other services come with their own pricing plans and caveats, so Microsoft is banking on its more limited product accessibility to attract customers.

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