Man seduced by Instagram seller of iPhones

On Saturday, Delhi police arrested a 23-year-old Kolkata man for allegedly defrauding a person on social media of saying they were selling an iPhone to him. The plaintiff, Vishal Kumar Sekhsariya, is a Kolkata resident, according to authorities. When executives received a report about being online, someone was selling Apple iPhones on Instagram. The plaintiff alleges that an Instagram account was set up to sell iPhones at a fraction of the market value, and that the alleged fraudster was worth Rs 48,000 using a digital payment method.

According to a senior police officer, the bank account of the complainant, the complete instagram account, and the e-mail address used to identify him were all obtained during the investigation.

According to the officer, police obtained the cell phone numbers they used to send emails and a few IP addresses. A police team confronted Sekhsariya, the owner of the Instagram account, based on technical evidence. According to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (North West) Sanjay Kumar Sain, an attack was carried out in collaboration with the local police on Wednesday, and the culprit was taken from his Kolkata apartment.

The complainant was taken to Delhi and questioned. According to DCP, he said he was a final year college student who worked as part of a television program event management team.

A 23-year-old man has been arrested by Delhi police from Kolkata for allegedly misleading individuals through social media over the alleged sale of an Apple iPhone to him, an official said on Saturday. The plaintiff, Vishal Kumar Sekhsariya, is a resident of Kolkata, they added. Police received a disciplinary complaint related to an online fraud where a man was selling Apple iPhones on Instagram. The plaintiff alleges that the iPhones were offered for a price less than the market rate via an Instagram account and the allegation deceived the victim of ₹ 48,000 through digital billing process.

During the investigation, the plaintiff’s account verification certificate, a small print of his Instagram account and email addresses by the means by which he testified were obtained, a senior police officer mentioned.

Later, police obtained phone numbers through which emails were activated and some IP addresses, the official mentioned.

On the basis of technical evidence, a police officer was on Sekhsariya, holding an Instagram account. An altercation took place in connection with the indigenous police on Wednesday and the allegation was taken from his Kolkata residence, (North East) Deputy Commissioner of Police Sanjay Kumar Sain mentioned.

The complainant was sent to Delhi and questioned. He revealed that he was a high school graduate and was working as a member of an event management crew for TV shows, DCP mentioned.

The plaintiff, along with one of his colleagues, used to deceive people on the prediction that he sold iPhones to them. Attempts are being made to arrest his affiliate, police mentioned, including that an iPhone 12 has been recovered from the plaintiff’s property. PTI NIT RC