Make Mom's day with these great Mother's Day gifts

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, so we’ve put together some of our favorite Mother’s Day gifts to let her know how much you care.

Gifts under $ 50

If you’re on a tight budget this year, you can always give mom a great gift for less than $ 50. Here are some of our top picks:

IPhone wallet case

Moment wallet case for iPhone SE 2
The Moment iPhone wallet case is stylish and functional

If your mom has a new iPhone SE, give her a case she wants to show. The Moment wallet case has natural Horween leather and canvas that combine to make an elegant statement, all with the added benefit of being able to carry three cards so she can leave her bag at home. This case also allows him to turn and lock the Moment lenses on the camera of his iPhone, perfect for the amateur shutter.

The iPhone wallet case is available in natural and black leather and costs $ 23.99.


One of the many different designs of PopSockets
One of the many different designs of PopSockets

While a case can protect this new iPhone from falling, it would probably be better if it didn’t fall at all. An additional handle would make it much more difficult to accidentally allow the iPhone to slip out of someone’s hand, if used correctly.

PopSockets are a fashionable battery grip that allows one-handed use of an iPhone, as well as the stand. Able to fold down to take a thinner imprint when stored, the handle is available in a wide variety of designs and colors, allowing the handle to match the style of the recipient.

PopSockets start at just under $ 10 and are also compatible with a wide range of mounts and other accessories.

SurfacePad for iPhone

SurfacePad offers style and function with three colors to choose from
SurfacePad offers style and function with three colors to choose from

Mother’s Day arrives in the spring every year, which means it’s the perfect time for mom to freshen up her wardrobe, and that includes her phone. The Twelve South SurfacePad is a soft leather case with two credit card / ID card slots to minimize the amount she will have to carry with her every day. The back cover folds to serve as a stand for the iPhone, allowing it to play favorite videos and make hands-free FaceTime calls. If it has an iPhone X, iPhone XS or iPhone 11 Pro, the cover also offers an automatic wake-up / sleep function.

The SurfacePad is available for all iPhones from iPhone 6 Plus to iPhone 11 Pro Max, is available in cognac and slate blue and costs $ 49.99.

AirSnap AirPods Cases

Twelve South AirSnap AirPods covers
TwelveSouth AirSnap AirPods Cases

AirSnap and AirSnap Pro are pretty TwelveSouth cases that protect your AirPods and attach them to your bag or purse. If your mom has a set of AirPods, she would surely like a way to keep them safe. Wireless charging always works via the box too!

The AirSnap case is available in leather or twill with several color options at only $ 34.99.

The AirSnap Pro case is available in leather with three color options for $ 39.99.

Nomad Braided Lightning Cable

Braided Lightning Nomad cable for Apple products
Nomad Braided Lightning Cable

If your mom looks like ours, she goes through cables every month. Give it a Lightning cable that will last because it is built with a braided Kevlar case. She will have a hard time breaking or damaging this Lightning cable, and will find it harder to lose with her unique design and integrated cable holder.

The Lightning Nomad cable can be purchased in 3m or 1.5m lengths and connects via USB-A. Priced at $ 39.99 and $ 34.99 respectively.

Wasserstein Light handbag or purse

This small motion-activated device can light up even the darkest bags.
This small motion-activated device can light up even the darkest bags.

Whether your mom is carrying a purse, laptop bag, or any other type of purse, you can help add some light to her transportation situation with this inexpensive and clever hand lamp. Whether his bag is well organized or cluttered, this movement-activated light source can help him find all of his essentials – even in the dark.

The Wasserstein is also really affordable, selling at just $ 12.99 for one or $ 22.99 for a pair on Amazon.

Kodak mobile film scanner

Kodak mobile film scanner
Kodak mobile film scanner

Any long-term mother inclined to photography will undoubtedly have some form of film or slides from decades ago, showing her growing children and other life events. With the Kodak mobile film scanner, these images can be digitized and shared for the first time in years.

The tabletop setup is designed to use an iPhone to capture a new photo of the image stored on the 35mm film negative or the 35mm color slide. Compact and foldable for storage, the unit also has a built-in LED backlight to illuminate the image, while a companion application manages the restoration of the image.

The Kodak mobile film scanner retails for $ 39.99.

Gifts between $ 50 and $ 100

Modern bracelet

The modern bracelet is constructed with genuine Horween leather
The modern bracelet is constructed with genuine Horween leather

If your mom has an apple, go ahead and upgrade it with a particularly charming leather strap. Nomad Modern Strap is a beautiful Horween leather bracelet that will develop a unique patina over time, adding to its charm.

The modern bracelet is available in beautiful natural leather with gold or silver trim, or in minimalist black leather with gold or silver trim. This group works with the Apple Series 3 and Series 5 and costs $ 69.99.

Ember temperature control mug

The Ember is a smart mug that can keep your drinks hot indefinitely when placed on its coaster.
The Ember is a smart mug that can keep your drinks hot indefinitely when placed on its coaster.

Everyone sometimes likes a hot drink, be it tea, coffee or hot chocolate. During the coldest months of the year, this Ember self-heating mug can ensure your mom always has a cup of something warm and comforting close at hand.

This nifty mug can keep a drink hot for 1.5 hours on a single charge, or indefinitely when placed on the included loading coaster. The Ember is available in white and black versions and currently costs $ 99.95 on Amazon.

Liz water bottle

LIZ smart water bottle can disinfect and remind you to drink
LIZ smart water bottle can disinfect and remind you to drink

When you don’t opt ​​for a hot drink, cold drinks are the alternative. There are countless bottles of water, including smart bottles that track your consumption. Liz is not connected to the phone, but she is absolutely considered a “smart” water bottle.

You can press the lid to see how cool your water is, and the cap will flash to remind you to stay hydrated by drinking at least every two hours.

Most importantly, the Liz smart water bottle can be cleaned as well as the water inside. Using UV light, it can sterilize the interior to protect it. Given the current new standard for very germaphobia, there doesn’t seem to be a better time than taking a bottle of water that can be cleaned.

It is available on Amazon in white and black for $ 79.

Blue glasses blocking the gunnar light

By blocking blue light from screens, glasses like these can help relieve eye strain.
By blocking blue light from screens, glasses like these can help relieve eye strain.

If mom is spending a little more time in front of the screens lately, then it might be a good idea to get her a pair of blue light blocking glasses. On devices without Night Shift, this can help relieve eyestrain for long days at home or Netflix frenzy sessions.

Gunnar glasses are available in a variety of different styles on Amazon, so you can find the perfect pair to fit their style and personal preferences. They range from just over $ 40 to just under $ 100.

Native Union Wireless Chargers

Most wireless chargers we come across are utility or unnecessarily black. Few are designed with a more elegant approach, but Native Union chargers do just that.

Drop Native Union Charger
Drop Native Union Charger

Native Union manufactures an excellent Drop wireless charger that comes in several models and finishes. The first version of its wireless charger has a fabric cover with perpendicular silicone accent lines on the top. The silicone exudes a unique look while keeping the phone in place during charging.

The bottom of the charger is made of aluminum before being anodized and left with a chamfered edge up. It is capable of providing up to 10 W of power, or 7.5 W for iPhones.

Native Union marquetry drop loader
Native Union marquetry drop loader

Then there is the Marquetry Drop charger. It has the same aluminum body, a braided nylon USB-C cable and up to 10 W of power – but instead of the patterned top, it uses a range of genuine Italian leather.

It is also unique in its appearance and has first-rate quality that elevates it from the cheap wireless chargers that circulate.

These two models are available in several different colors and are now available on Amazon for $ 59.99 and $ 79.99 respectively.

Gifts over $ 100

Jay leather bag

Jay espresso leather tote
Jay espresso leather tote

If your mom is the type of person who carries everything with her all the time, it’s hard to beat Solo’s Jay Leather Tote. This travel bag is made of full grain leather and has a fully padded 15.6 inch laptop compartment. Small metal feet help protect the tote when placed on the floor, and the interior has plenty of pockets to keep everything organized. The Jay Leather The tote also has a trick in its sleeve: unzip the bottom of the exterior pocket and mom can slide it over the handle of her rolling luggage.

The Jay Leather Tote is available for $ 149.99 and is available in espresso and black.

Bellabeat leaf

Bellabeat leaf worn as a necklace
Bellabeat leaf worn as a necklace

If mom is not the type to wear a chip but still wants an excellent fitness tracker, we highly recommend the Bellabeat Leaf. This discreet tracker can be worn as a bracelet, a necklace or a clip pin. The worksheet tracks steps, distance, calories burned, sleep patterns, and the companion app offers the option to record additional options like monitoring your menstrual cycle and recording stress. It also includes a replaceable internal button cell battery that lasts six months and tracks 24 hours a day, so she’ll never forget to charge it.

The Bellabeat sheet is available in different options, including black and pink gold, pink, black and silver, and gray and pink gold. Prices vary by style, but most cost around $ 100.

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle is the most famous e-er in the world, and for good reason.
The Amazon Kindle is the most famous e-er in the world, and for good reason.

Your mom can have all the books on her iPhone or iPad, but it’s the Kindle that has made e-books successful and there are advantages to using one. They are closer to books in the sense that his ing is not going to be interrupted by notifications, for example. And since they’re used specifically for engineering, instead of a variety of tasks like work, all Kindle devices have exceptional battery life.

We have to say that the Kindle Paperwhite is the best all-round version, because of its screen quality. The basic Kindle starts at $ 90, but this version comes with persistent ads. To give your mom a better, uninterrupted experience, opt for the $ 110 version with no special offers.

Streaming subscription

In addition to streaming video, Amazon Prime includes books, magazines, and free delivery
In addition to streaming video, Amazon Prime includes books, magazines, and free delivery

Especially since the coronavirus lockdown, it is more likely than ever that your mom has a streaming service like Netflix. But it is surprising how quickly you can feel that you have exhausted a service, so if you can find out what she got, try to give her an alternative.

There is always an Apple TV + subscription. But as long as it doesn’t have it yet, Amazon Prime is probably the best value. In addition to an extensive library of classics and an ever-growing collection of new series, Amazon Prime also offers more.

There is free shipping on most orders from Amazon, which should not be overlooked, but there is a lesser known supplement that helps your mom books and magazines. The amazing selection of Amazon is not entirely surprising either, but there is a lot of good to do here and it all comes at the same price.

Plus, although the best offer is $ 119 a year, you can pay $ 12.99 a month for everything, or just $ 8.99 for video streaming.

Knomo Mini Beaufort

Knomo Mini Beaufort
Knomo Mini Beaufort

We have Knomo bags that still look perfect after more than a decade, so we highly recommend the company as much for its value for money as for its design. You can buy their entire catalog, but for a good mix of price and functionality, try the Mini Beaufort.

Unlike the Solo Jay leather bag, it is a backpack and actually quite small. It can take devices up to 12 inches, so apart from the larger iPad Pro, your mom should be able to slide any iPad with accessories into it.

It costs $ 149, though Knomo offers an interest-free option for four payments of $ 37.25, and it’s available in eight colors. Amazon also has it on sale for $ 129.99.

WD Elements 2 TB portable external hard drive

WD Elements 2 TB portable external hard drive
WD Elements 2 TB portable external hard drive

It is likely that some of our customers sometimes play the role of family technical support, so it is a Trojan horse gift to make your life easier by ensuring that backups of the files of the members of the family are available if their Mac or PC experiences illness in the future. Bringing back their lost files will make you look like a hero, or at least an avant-garde being.

Almost any USB 3.0 external drive will do, as long as it has sufficient capacity. We suggest the WD Elements 2TB portable external hard drive, which is available for $ 59.79. Or if you want to save some money, 1 TB is available for $ 45.99.

Be warned that this may not appear as a particularly mother-centered gift, so you may need to be a little persuasive. One tactic is to rely on how it will help them keep their precious photos and other memories “intact for future generations.”

Apple Hardware Offers

Apple Hardware Is Always A Great Option When Choosing A Mother's Day Gift
Apple Hardware Is Always A Great Option When Choosing A Mother’s Day Gift

If Mom’s Apple product collection is missing a few items, there are a number of Mother’s Day offer on official gear and accessories. From Apple branded iPhone cases at $ 24.99 to AirPods for sale at $ 224.99 while supplies last, it’s easy to save on Mother’s Day gifts this year.

Here are some of our top picks:

And don’t forget to check out the Appleiphonestop Apple Price Guide for the lowest prices on mother’s day gifts related to Apple.

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