MacBook Pro (retina, mid 2014) reboots twice … something to do with FileVault?

I recently upgraded my mid 2014 MacBook Pro (retina) to Big Sur. After this update, I noticed two strange things when I restart my computer.

  1. It takes considerably longer to turn it back on and start it up. Once you hear the noise, see the screen light up and see the Apple logo, it gets to the boot screen (where I enter my password) pretty fast. However, it only stays on this screen for a few seconds (not enough time to enter my password) before it does another reboot on its own (again considerably longer to turn back on) and reboots to the boot screen. So once you hit this boot screen for the second time, it stays there and won’t restart again no matter how long you leave it there.
  2. My account picture is blurry on the start screen (where I enter my password).
    1. I’ve googled it and it looks like this has to do with FileVault enabled. Anything about the full image not being decrypted and only has the thumbnail to display, that’s why it’s blurry?

To run some tests, I disabled FileVault and pretty sure my image is no longer blurry on reboot AND the computer only reboots once and not twice. Then I turn FileVault back on and the same actions occur (blurry image and the computer restarts twice). So does this obviously have something to do with FileVault?

The blurry image makes sense to me I guess and doesn’t really bother me. It was just something weird that I noticed. But I’m slightly annoyed that my computer reboots twice with FileVault enabled. Anyone know why this happens? My computer seems to be worth it otherwise. But I’m afraid that something more serious may be wrong with my Mac or that something with FileVault is not working properly. I can’t find anyone else having this problem and I’ve also tested my working Mac and my wife’s Mac, which both have Big Sur, and neither of those computers reboot twice with FileVault enabled.

One thing to note: it DOES NOT reboot twice when I turn off the computer and then turn it on. It only does this when performing a reboot.

I tried the following actions to try to fix the problem but with no luck:

  1. Reset NVRAM / PRAM and SMC
  2. Reinstalled Big Sur using Internet Recovery
  3. I just installed a new 1TB m.2 SSD today (the main purpose was to expand my storage, but I was still curious to see if the new hard drive with a clean OS install would correct the problem). However, it still reboots twice with the new SSD and FileVault enabled.

Anyone have any other ideas on how to fix it or why they should do it with FileVault active?



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