Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook received $ 770.5 million; just a Fortune 500 CEO earned more

Jimmy Butler of the Miami Heat earns $ 36 million in 2021 from basketball, which seems to be a lot of money for a year. Last year, though, Apple CEO Tim Cook did more than 20 times what Butler did. You would agree that Cook’s $ 770.5 million in bank deposits make him the highest paid CEO among Fortune 500 CEOs, but you would be wrong.

It should be noted that most CEO payouts are based on average annual salary and benefits such as product options and product offerings. For example, according to Fortune, Elon Musk is the highest paid executive among the operators of Fortune 500 companies. Musk, the richest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $ 218.1 billion, is CEO of both the car company Tesla and the aerospace company SpaceX and in 2021 he will make money from the gift that Tesla stock options will give in 2018. Under Tim Cook, Apple’s price has risen by more than $ 2.2 million millions.

Musk acquired a staggering $ 23.5 billion home last year although much of that came from exercising some of Tesla’s stock options. After Musk as the executive who paid the second highest price in the Fortune 500 last year is Tim Cook. Much of the $ 770.5 million that Cook added to his vault came from money in some 10-year donations of Apple shares worth a total of $ 1.7 billion.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, received $ 770.5 million last year between payments and product offerings – Apple CEO Tim Cook won $ 770.5 million last year; one Fortune 500 CEO bank further. Tim Cook, Apple CEO, earned $ 770.5 million last year between payments and product offerings. Fortune notes that Apple’s market value has risen by $ 2.2 trillion since Cook replaced Steve Jobs after his last death in October 2011 from pancreatic cancer. The magazine cites this as a way to justify Cook’s massive payments. The idea is that if Cook made $ 2.2 trillion for Apple shoppers, wouldn’t he be entitled to a huge payout for himself?

In third place, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang made “only” $ 561 million in 2021. The company is considered a global leader in AI software and hardware. A company spokesman said Huang “knows about $ 507 million from the offer options offered in 2011 and 2012, indicating a 60x increase in the company’s share price on [past] decades. ” The median salary for the 280 Fortune 500 CEO rose 30% in 2021

Later on the list is Reed Hastings, Director of Netflix video streaming service. Hastings earned $ 453.5 million last year according to Fortune. However, a Netflix spokesman would only agree to the total payment amount listed on the company’s official correspondence, which includes, “$ 650,000 in cash and $ 39.7 million in stock options.” That is also a terrible cost but nowhere near $ 453.5 million. Ignore some of the names on the list, the seventh highest paid company among the top companies in the Fortune 500 is Microsoft’s Satya Nadella. For the sixth year in a row, Nadella has been elected President of the “very unfair” party, although it is difficult to imagine anyone being so poor when it comes to paying $ 309.4 million a year.

The median earnings for the Fortune 280 Fortune 500 CEO analyzed by Fortune were $ 15.9 million last year, up 30% on an annual basis. Building technology companies is hard work indeed, but those who work in high-tech companies are paid for the hours and sweat they put into the work.

Can you not see beyond your blind the differences between normal and rich person? Their only goal is to make other people rich and let the poor be the rest. Look around you, no one can buy a house almost anywhere, food prices are high, gas is high, everything goes up, but wages stay the same. Now if you look at the news, even the rich are richer, how? by measuring costs and becoming payments. Exxon mobile has had record games since its peak in the 1970s, guess how they managed to do just that. Blackrock buys homes all over the world and driving prices are sky high.

And now FED chairman Jerome Powell is suggesting that companies should cut all employee salaries to address inflation, give me a break. Btw, does your salary increase with inflation? bi ~ 8%? I do not bet, guess the salary and net worth are increasing over time.

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