Keep an eye out for these scams in the Mac App Store

Researchers have discovered a number of fraudulent applications that are still available and advanced on Apple’s site, indicating that the App Store may not be as secure as expected. Scams are a common occurrence in the online world these days, and knowing how to protect yourself is important. Password controllers, VPNs, and scanning software are amazing places to start, but some internet scams can be avoided by just being careful. This is one of those scams, since the App Store apps use a unique way to trick you into paying for things you wouldn’t want to pay for in the beginning.

Scams on Apple’s App Store. According to researcher Kosta Eleftheriou – a fraudulent hunter for Apple services – the App Store is currently carrying some important query software for Mac that goes beyond the review process. The process by which these apps scams are unique to say the least. They use pop-up windows to encourage users to pay for a subscription service of about $ 10 per month. The fishermen? You can not close the pop-up window until you agree to pay the bill, essentially brick your device until you agree, which you can see from the first application discovered with the scam, My Metronome.

To say that this scam is uncomfortable is a bit of an understatement. Even worse, these scam hunters find that a whole bunch of these kinds of apps available on the App Store, are ripe for the scamming. My Metronome has been deleted from the app store, but others have come out from the same two companies, Music Paradise, LLC and Groove Vibes. With these kinds of apps floating around the App Store, the last thing you want to do is to accidentally download one or, heaven forbid, launch an actual launch. Fortunately, we at are opportunities when it comes to spotting scams, and we have some tips for you to help you stay safe on the App Store.

For one, the importance of caution cannot be overstated. In many cases, these scams have some obvious indications that they are not for real. Between spelling errors, incomprehensible screenshots, asymmetrical design choices, and lazy application descriptions, you should be able to say that an application is not compatible with the view in the source material. To take that a little further, you will want to make sure you do some research if you are buying an application from an unknown manufacturer. Even Google searches briefly like “Is _____ scam?” should provide all the information you need about whether the application is safe for you to use.

Finally, having a few digital tools in your hand to handle such scams is important to protect yourself online. Antivirus software is probably the best bet, as some of the best providers can tell you when something goes wrong on your computer. Our research finds that Avast Security for Mac is one of the best scanning software in your computer security. Conor is Senior Writer for For the past six years, it has covered everything from technology news and product reviews to digital marketing trends and business technology innovations. He has written guest posts for favorites of Forbes, Chase, WeWork, and many others, exploring technology trends, business sources, and everything in between. He also participated in events for SXSW, Tech in Motion, and General Assembly, to name a few. He, too, could not properly pronounce the word “sexual.” You can email Conor at

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