It could mean Windows for M1 Macs like Microsoft and the upcoming Qualcomm deal

Apple M1 Macs could go out on Windows forever as Microsoft and the Qualcomm deal come to an end. This could mean that Windows may be native to M1 Mac users.

Apple M1 Macs Can Support Windows

According to a story by 9to5Mac, while Apple is offering Windows support on Apple’s Intel Macs, the new devices are expected to be equipped with an ARM-based M1 chip that can only run MacOS native. The reason behind this may be directly related to the agreement reached between Microsoft and Qualcomm to reach the end.

Qualcomm and Microsoft have a special agreement to help ensure that the company’s ARM chips are the only ones that will host native Windows support, according to XDA. Sources familiar with the subject say that as the deal nears completion, this could mean that Microsoft will eventually be able to license Windows to other makers of ARM chips.

Exclusive deal for Microsoft and Qualcomm

Although the expiration date of the deal is not known, the report said it could be finalized shortly. Microsoft’s difference with Qualcomm is due to the fact that the semiconductor company is helping Microsoft when it comes to the development of Windows ARM.

At the moment, other companies, such as MediaTek, are currently planning to build their own ARM chips capable of running Windows. Windows on ARM was first announced by both Microsoft and Qualcomm back in 2016.

Running Windows 11

The announcement was a big deal as it was able to break the partnership from Windows RT that failed by being able to emulate x86 applications. The devices were then announced a year later and began to roll out soon after.

Since then, Microsoft has also decided to integrate x64 emulation with the latest Windows 11 with ARM64EC. This makes it very easy to run apps natively by using emulated plug-ins.

Entrance to the World Games

This, however, is good news for Mac users from the end of Microsoft and the Qualcomm deal could mean that Apple could also license Windows 11 to support the company’s flagship M1 family. At this time, the only way for users to run Windows on M1 Macs is by using a virtual machine, because the devices do not have a direct boot camp.

Creating a native program will help to achieve better performance which can be a great improvement for the game. The game is said to be a large complex of computer products with some of the most expensive rigs used for gaming.

While the Apple M1 Mac is known to focus more on production, it is no longer as recognizable as the gaming world. At this time, however, there is no guarantee that having Windows 11 running natively can help Apple M1 Macs compete when it comes to gaming.

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