Is there a 3DS emulator on iOS | Is Citra on iOS?

Many iPhone owners are curious if there is a 3DS emulator on iOS. IPhones are becoming more and more powerful with each iteration, so running 3DS games should be in the realm of possibility. However, unlike Android, iOS is stuck on Apple’s App Store, so many are wondering if jailbreaking can allow 3DS emulation on iPhone.

Is there a 3DS emulator for iOS?

3DS emulation is not yet at the level of NES, SNES or even DS. Also, unlike many platforms, there is really only one choice of emulator for 3DS: Citra. Compatibility of Citra can be hit and miss. Some popular games work perfectly, while others have problems or are not playable at all. The developers are currently focused on x64 development, but released an ARM fork in 2020.

While iOS also works on ARM processors, Citra is only available from the official repository for Android. Citra could probably be compiled for iOS, but users should then find a way to install it via jailbreak or dev account cheating. So, at the moment, there is no 3DS emulator readily available for iOS.

Some websites claim to allow users to download a 3DS emulator for iOS. This is almost certainly malware at worst or a poorly optimized Citra port at best. Some of these sites claim that the emulator can be installed without jailbreak, while others claim that it requires root access to work. Regardless, users shouldn’t install apps on their iPhones from sources that haven’t been properly vetted.

It is possible that a reliable fork of Citra could bring a 3DS emulator to iOS in the future. However, with the iPhone, there will always be warnings for installing third-party applications. However, given Apple’s stance on emulation, it’s almost certain that Citra will never make it to the Apple App Store.


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