Is the new iPhone SE (’22) as Right as Apple’s iPhone 13?

When it comes to affordability, the third-generation iPhone SE is a bit of a mystery. Although Apple claims to have received “the hardest glass in a smartphone,” it does not appear that it used the same Ceramic protection system as the iPhone 13. Apple specifically avoided any comparisons to the face of the iPhone 13 when launching the iPhone SE in beginning of this month. . Instead, Apple claims that the iPhone SE is the same glass as the back of the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro. While that glass is of course tough, it is not the same as the Ceramic Shield glass found in the front of those iPhone generations.

It turns out that Apple’s comments may not have been completely misleading. While the iPhone SE does not use the Ceramic Glass Shield, the material used may still be classified as “the heaviest glass in a smartphone,” offering almost identical protection with more expensive iPhone models of Apple. A new series of tests conducted by Allstate (via AppleInsider) shows that the $ 429 iPhone deserves face-to-face tests and tests than the same as the iPhone 13.

6 Applications Everyone Needs To Record In 2022 – Find Out Why. The App Store has become completely oversaturated with all the same repetitive junk. Cut clutter off: These are the only iPhone 6 accessories you will need in 2022. Allstate performs these “breaking tests” with each new iPhone model coming out, and they are more than surprisingly ineffective – they help the company. decide what insurance charges you should charge for your phone security devices. This means that Allstate has a real incentive to make sure an iPhone waits for Apple’s power supplies. As the glass breaks further, more and more companies are likely to find it paying for the repair costs.

In the 2022 iPhone SE test, Allstate dropped an iPhone SE to a point from a height of six feet in the bottom, back-down, and side-by-side orientations. When it comes to your face and side, the iPhone SE suffers only a small bump, with even not a single chip out of the glass. Allstate considers those results to be “surprising” because it looks just as good as the iPhone 13, which uses a Ceramic Shield glass on the front. The iPhone SE only uses more standard hard glass. Perhaps in theory, although the iPhone SE and iPhone 13 models use the same rear glass, the iPhone SE does not fit perfectly when it comes to its rear. In this scenario, the researchers concluded that the protective aluminum frame on the iPhone 13 gave the more expensive phone its advantage.

Allstate also tested the IP SE’s IP67 rating, although the results here do not offer many surprises. The affordable iPhone survived in one meter of water for 30 minutes without any major problems, although the speakers drank water and were a bit muffled as a result until they dried out.

Jason Siciliano, VP of marketing and creative director for Allstate Security Ideas, praised the new iPhone SE as being “a truly authentic phone that never broke the bank.” However, he also said that that does not mean that he should go without a case. The iPhone SE can start at $ 429, but a basic screen reset will set you back $ 129 without AppleCare +. If the damage crosses the screen, repair costs can run up to $ 299; that’s more than a third of the price of a completely new iPhone SE.

AppleCare + for the new iPhone SE is $ 79, or $ 149 if you opt for the theft and loss option. That lowers repair costs to $ 29 for screen damage or $ 99 for other repairs, good for two cases of accidental damage for a year.

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