Is the $500 nano-texture finish worth it on the 27-inch iMac?

Among other new features, the newly refreshed 27-inch iMac offers a Nano Texture display finish for the first time. But is it worth the entry price of $ 500?

Here’s what you need to know about the new matte display option, and whether you really need to upgrade when buying your own 27in iMac.

What is a Nano Texture display finish?

Previously only visible on the Pro Display XDR, the nano-texture finish is an anti-glare option for the 27-inch iMac.

Instead of adding an anti-reflective coating to the display glass, Apple took a different approach with nano-texture. The glass itself is precisely etched for a finely textured surface.

This means that ambient or direct light doesn’t have a single surface to bounce off. This will greatly reduce glare and reflectivity, without significantly increasing haze or contrast compared to traditional anti-reflective coatings.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Nano Texture display

An illustration of how the Nano Texture finish diffuses light. Credit: Apple

The main advantage of the Nano Texture finish is that it makes the viewing experience much more pleasant, especially in bright light environments.

You aren’t going to see as much glare or reflectivity on the matte-finished screen, which means lights and glare on the screen won’t be a distraction to your workflow.

Compared to anti-reflective coatings or screen protectors, you definitely won’t see much haze or reduced contrast.

There are some drawbacks to the display, however. For one thing, the matte finish commands a premium of $ 500, which isn’t a cheap upgrade.

Plus, images and text won’t look as sharp as on a traditional glossy display. Unless you have the two screens side by side, the difference is not significant. It is however noticeable.

The matte Nano Texture finish is quite delicate, which is why Apple recommends that you only clean it with its own cleaning cloth. There’s one included in the box, and you can buy more from Apple’s website.

Should you get the Nano Texture finish on an iMac?

Credit: Apple

Credit: Apple

Truly, the Nano Texture finish is an option for specific users working under specific circumstances. In particular, those who live in environments with harsh lighting conditions and cannot afford the distraction of glare or reflectivity on their screens.

For the average user, controlling glare and reflectivity is not too much of a concern. But the Nano Texture finish is a great option for professionals who don’t or can’t work in an office with controlled lighting.

There is of course an aspect of personal preference to this. Some people like the look of a matte screen, and if those people are willing to shell out an additional $ 500 for the finish, that’s an option here.

But for most people who buy a 27-inch iMac for business or creative purposes, it really depends on the working environment and the circumstances. Those who need a high-quality matte finish display all know this.

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