IPhone Tip: This app checks almost all components of your iPhone

IPhones have a long life. And that means there is a very healthy second-hand market. But how do you know if that iPhone is good?

Many readers have asked me if iPhones have some sort of built-in diagnostic mode that can be used to test the health of components. Apple has such a tool, but it’s not part of the iPhone, so we have to rely on the third-party app market.

I’ve played with a number of different instruments over the years, and the best I’ve come across was that TestM.

It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough. It is also free, which is a good start.

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Before going further, I want to point out something. The TestM app also offers insurance, trade-in and find a workshop features. I haven’t tested any of these and have limited my attention to the diagnostic functionality. Also note that contrary to what some reviews claim, this app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger shows ads.

OK, apart from that, the diagnostic mode offers 26 tests, ranging from testing the cameras, touchscreen, microphone, and even the haptic motor, to a comprehensive stress test that pushes battery and thermal dissipation to the limit.

A full test can take about 20 minutes in my experience and requires a certain amount of user interaction (you are asked to go through each test and some tests involve you listening to the speaker or haptic motor and giving feedback Keep that in mind, as these tests aren’t something you can just start on and walk away from.

You are involved in this!

It is a good app. Not perfect, but it has to work within what Apple allows apps to do. For the price – zero dollars – it offers a pretty deep dive into the health of your iPhone and its components.

Through: www.zdnet.com

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