iPhone 13 (2021): rumors, release date, price, features and more

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With Apple’s iPhone 12 consolidated as one of the most popular and successful iPhones in recent years, eyes are starting to look forward to Apple’s next-generation smartphone, which is expected to debut later in 2021. Here’s everything we already know. on the next version.

Name: unfortunate for some

Yes, we know, the title of this article is iPhone 13. However, the most recent reports suggest that internally, Apple’s engineers regard the iPhone 2021 as an “S” upgrade and Jon Prosser says his sources indicate that this will actually be the name given to the device. In fact, Prosser says that due to the negative connotations given to the number 13 in some cultures, there may not be an iPhone 13… ever.

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The all-new iPhone 12 design with its square edges has been a huge hit with many customers, and there are no reports that Apple plans to deviate from this design in 2021. If an ‘S’ update is really on the cards, let’s wait. changes under the hood, but not to the bodywork.

Cut it

Reports indicate that Apple will follow the same training setup as the iPhone 12, which means four phones in three different sizes:

  • iPhone 12S mini (5.4 inches)
  • iPhone 12S (6.1 inch)
  • iPhone 12S Pro (6.1 inch)
  • iPhone 12S Pro Max (6.7-inch)


If the reports are correct, 2021 could finally be the year of 120Hz on the iPhone. According to reports, the iPhone 12S Pro line is expected to feature a ProMotion display with a variable refresh rate display, thanks to the adoption of LTPO. This is the same technology that Apple uses in the Apple Watch, and it may report the inclusion of an always-on display option, in addition to the 120Hz capability.


We have no indication yet on how Apple will power its iPhone 2021. In recent years, Apple has followed the very simple pattern of adding a new “A” series chip to their iPhone every year. If Apple follows the previous form, we can probably expect a new “A” series chip, probably an A15, to be introduced.


A big improvement rumored for the next iPhone is the camera. Reports suggest that at least iPhone 12S Pro versions of the device will be equipped with a Time-of-Flight camera, with a triple-lens setup.

Reports also state that the iPhone 12S range, the two low-end devices, will get a boost by taking the camera from the iPhone 12 Pro Max. As with the iPhone 12, they are expected to be dual cameras.


We don’t have any specific rumors about the iPhone 12S battery yet. However, if Apple keeps the same form / size factor as the iPhone 12, it’s probably safe to assume that the iPhone battery will be similar in size for each respective model. Adopting LTPO and variable refresh rate, like the one used in the Apple Watch, could enable big savings in efficiency when it comes to power and could improve battery life.


The iPhone 12S ‘Pro’ line is rumored to feature both mmWave and sub6 GHz 5G connectivity, while base models will only receive mmWave. Sub6 offers substantially higher speeds than mmWave.

Charging: Finally USB-C, right?

Bad news. A report by Jon Prosser earlier this year states that Apple will never adopt USB-C in the iPhone and that Apple plans to release a “portless” iPhone next year. That’s right, at least an iPhone 12S could come without ports, relying on connectivity and wireless charging, or perhaps a smart connector to get the job done. Regardless, there will never be a USB-C iPhone.


Again, there are still no specific rumors about the price of the iPhone 12S, but in recent years Apple has followed the simple pattern of introducing a new phone at more or less similar price ranges to current models and then reduce the price of that. old. We’d be pretty surprised if the iPhone 12S was priced substantially different than the iPhone 12., especially considering the minor “S” updates planned for this year.

Release date

The iPhone 12 debuted with a split launch and was delayed due to COVID-19. Reports claim Apple will be returning to the regular September launch window of previous iPhones, meaning you won’t have to wait that long for the 2021 flagship to debut.

The return of Touch ID

Numerous reports indicate that Touch ID could return to the iPhone in 2021 thanks to an under-display fingerprint scanner. As noted by Jon Prosser, the events of 2020 provide the perfect coverage for Apple to reintroduce the feature without undermining its previous Face ID push in favor of Touch ID.

Smaller notch

Source: Daniel Bader / Android Central

There are more indications that Apple’s notch will be narrower, but not shorter, in the 2021 iPhone range. Hopefully this means more space on either side of the notch for status symbols and indicators such as battery life. and connectivity.

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