iPhone 12 Mini with discount of Rs 12,000 or iPhone 11: in this case the old one is gold

If you are planning to buy one of the newer iPhone models, this is probably the best time with the Maple online store offering great deals and discounts on all variants. The iPhone can be purchased for Rs 16,000 less by combining the exclusive Maple discount of Rs 8000 coupled with an HDFC cashback offer of up to Rs 9000. Likewise, the iPhone 12 Mini is available for a discount of Rs 12,000. This includes Rs 3000 Maple cashback and Rs 9000 HDFC Bank credit card offer.

While the iPhone 12 deal makes a lot of sense, the iPhone 12 Mini is something you should probably go through and for more than one reason. Even after the discounts, the base model of the iPhone 12 Mini that comes with 64GB of internal storage would cost you around Rs 52,490. The iPhone 11 can be grabbed for a lot less and makes a better smartphone, at least for most users.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 11: price

Before we talk about the specs and let’s take a look at the price of two smartphones to understand why buying iPhone 11 makes more sense. As mentioned above, the iPhone 12 is priced at Rs 64,490 in India and also with Rs 12,000 off on Mapple Store Rs 3,000 off of the store and Rs 9000 on HDFC Bank debit card will cost you Rs 52,490.

The iPhone 11 is priced below that to begin with. The 64GB model of the phone is listed at Rs 52,400 in the Mapple store. In addition to this, customers can get a discount of Rs 5,000 with the HDFC Bank credit card, further reducing the cost to Rs 47,400. Clearly, the iPhone 11 is a better investment in terms of value.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 11: display

The iPhone 12 Mini gets few improvements over the iPhone 11. Major changes include a Full HD display and a more powerful A14 bionic chipset. However, it’s the screen size that’s a problem in 2021, the times when smartphones are not only used for calls but also for streaming content and gaming. While there is a niche that prefers compact smartphones, 5.4 inches is too small to enjoy any stand.

Furthermore, the smartphone is so compact that it can be difficult to adjust the grip and type on it. Again, it makes it really difficult to read the news or even reply to messages or emails. Meanwhile, the iPhone 11’s 6.1-inch screen offers better real estate while keeping the form factor in check. Against common belief, the iPhone 11 is by no means a huge phone. Indeed, it offers an ideal size.

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone 11: camera and battery

If cameras are your priority, then again there isn’t a big difference between the two smartphones. While the iPhone 12 Mini comes with 12MP sensors and improved stabilization on the iPhone 11, neither has been drastically improved and iPhone 11 still remains a capable smartphone for photography. As expected, Apple had reserved the more advanced features for the Pro models.

Battery is another area where iPhone 11 beats the iPhone 12 Mini hands down. The smartphone is known to offer better battery life among recent Apple smartphones.

None of this means that the iPhone 12 Mini is a bad buy. It’s about who buys the phone and what exactly they are looking for from it. The smartphone is ideal for those looking for a compact and lightweight device but the larger (or rather ideal) size of the iPhone 11 makes the difference.

Via: www.indiatoday.in

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