iPad, iPad mini, or iPad Pro – which iPad to buy in 2020

Apple’s iPad line is more varied than ever with options in all sizes and at all prices. To make it easier to make decisions, Appleiphonestop breaks down all of Apple’s iPad offerings to see which model is best for a given user.

IPad Pro 2020


The seventh generation iPad – which Apple stubbornly insists on calling only “iPad” – is the biggest offer in the line. It does exactly what you would expect from an iPad. While it costs $ 329, the 32 GB model is often found below $ 300.

Many iPad users will use it for non-taxable tasks, including media consumption, social media, images, etc. It’s also a great tablet for kids and students, thanks to its low price and support for Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard Folio.

After nine years at 9.7 inches, the seventh generation now has a 10.2 inch screen. The display is the right size for most tasks, not the largest or smallest of the lot. It remains the only tablet in the Apple range not to have a laminated screen. This causes an increased gap between the glass and the screen, which makes it less ideal for ing and can increase glare.

10.2 inch iPad
10.2 inch iPad

Inside is the A10 Fusion processor from Apple which is not the most powerful, but it is good enough for these daily tasks. With this processor and the unplasticized screen, it’s absolutely the entry-level iPad, but since you get almost the entire iPad experience at such a low price, it’s often the iPad of choice.

ipad mini

The smaller 7.9-inch iPad mini fits over the larger base iPad. After years of neglect, it has been updated to include the faster A12 Bionic processor which makes it more powerful than the entry-level iPad. It also supports first generation Apple Pencil and can be used with any Bluetooth keyboard, making it a solid device at a lower price than the iPad Air.

ipad mini
The iPad mini is a great portable device

The main reasons for recommending the iPad mini to the iPad Air are that it is $ 100 cheaper with the same performance, or that you like the small screen. This smaller screen makes it even more portable for travel and is a great portable device for retail stores.

Just like the iPad above, it works well as a kid’s device due to its size and still reasonable price.

ipad air

If you’re looking to get a head start on the iPad, you may want to consider the iPad Air. With the iPad Air at $ 499, Apple Pencil, Smart Keyboard Folio, the A12 Bionic processor are supported, but with a larger screen of 10.5 inches.

IPad Air 2019
IPad Air 2019

This is what we recommend as a tablet for someone who wants to upgrade to the seventh generation iPad, but who doesn’t need everything the iPad Pro offers. It’s a good mix of all the features, balancing power, screen size and price. It fits in the middle of the price range of the iPad range as well as its performance scale.

It will easily edit videos, edit photos, create documents and read the latest episode of Mythic Quest. It won’t be as difficult as the A10 Fusion found on the iPad, but will not run through 4K footage like the A12Z Bionic on the iPad Pro.

iPad Pro

This brings us to iPad Pro, the newest and most powerful tablet in the Apple iPad range. The iPad Pro has just been updated in early 2020 and includes a graphically more powerful A12Z processor, more storage, a new ultra-large camera, a LiDAR scanner, Wi-Fi 6 and support for the new Magic Keyboard.

The iPad Pro Battle Horse 2020
The iPad Pro Battle Horse 2020

Deciding to take the iPad Pro is probably the easiest decision in the group. It has the biggest feature gap between it and the lowered iPad Air.

Going to the Pro offers you support for Apple Pencil gen-two, support for the Magic Magic keyboard, a larger screen of 11 or 12.9 inches, Face ID, ultra-wide camera, scanner LiDAR, a higher resolution standard wide-angle camera, 6 GB of RAM, faster Bionic A12Z processor, 512 GB and 1 TB storage options, streamlined design, USB-C and Liquid Retina display.

That’s a huge number of features to make up for the $ 300 price difference between the two.

There are many reasons to choose the iPad Pro rather than the iPad Air. If one of these features speaks to you, the iPad Pro is for you. If you’re multitasking and want to enjoy split view apps, slideshows, or picture-in-picture, iPad Pro is the way to go.

The iPad Pro provides power for high-end functions, such as editing large RAW photos or other intensive graphics work and video editing. This is especially useful at higher resolutions, or if you are creating artwork and want the second generation Apple Pencil.

IPad performance

For many people, the performance we just talked about doesn’t matter. Check emails, go to Facebook, ing, messaging, everything will not be affected by the performance of the tablet. it is when you go beyond these limits that you start to push the tablet and switch to the line of more powerful iPads.

iPadiPad miniiPad AiriPad Pro (2020) Sizes 10.2 “7.9” 10.5 “11” & 12.9 “Storage 32 GB / 128 Go 64 GB / 256 Go 64 GB / 256 GB 128 GB / 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB Processor A10 FusionA12 BionicA12 BionicA12Z Cameras BionicRear 8 Ultra-wide lens, 10MP Wide lens, 7 MP8MP8MP12 MP -core, 1418 Multi-core1112 Single-core, 2802 Multi-core1115 Single-core, 2942 Multi-core1117 Single-core, 4653 Multi -coreAuthenticationTouch IDTouch IDTouch IDFace IDApple PencilFirst-genFirst-genFirst-genSecond-gengenboardboardSmart KeyboardBluetooth KeyboardsSmart KeyboardSmart Keyboard, Magic ClavierI / O Ports Lightning, Headphone JackLightning, Headphone JackLightning, Headphone JackUSB-CS Starting price $ 329 $ 399 $ 499 $ 499 $

In the table above, you can see the difference in performance between each iPad and this substantial difference between the A12Z Bionic on the Pro and the A10 Fusion on the iPad. Unless you tax this processor with video or photo editing, augmented reality or even games, it will be the other features that will decide for you.

It is your decision

Apple now has five different iPads in its wide range, easily meeting the needs of almost everyone. Sometimes the lines get blurred when you’re debating between two different sizes or models, but Apple has done a good job of separating the high-end models to help justify the high price.

Offers on iPad

Instant rebates on Apple iPads are underway right now, from savings to the 2020 11-inch iPad Pro to offer on the 10.2-inch iPad models.

Those looking for the steepest markdowns can also save three-digit numbers when the iPad Pros 2018 closes, with a wide range of offer available in the Appleiphonestop. IPad Price Guide.

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