IOS 14 review: what are the new features

Apple has released its new and updated operating system. IOS 14 has been released and is available for download if you have an iPhone 6s or later that is different from Android 11 currently available for Pixel devices and has yet to be rolled out to other Android phones.

Apple’s tight control over their hardware and software allows them to offer an incredible level of software support to their users.

What are the new changes in iOS 14?

IOS 14 Features Widget

The first time around, iOS 14 lets you add widgets to your home screen and have useful information available at a glance.

Widgets can be set in one of three different sizes and also in a neat way to automate widgets called “smart stack”. with the smart stack, you can put multiple widgets on top of each other or in a stack and depending on the time, location or activity, you will be shown a different one / just swipe up and down the widget stack to change contraption.

App library

A new option for organizing your apps is called “App Library”. It’s Apple’s version of an app drawer, and the library will sort the apps into categories for you, making it very easy to locate your apps easily.

Change default app

One new feature is the option to change the default web browser or email app, unfortunately changing to a default web browser only works for the Chrome or Safari app.

Incoming calls

Incoming calls have also been updated, for starters the calls won’t take up the entire display. For an incoming call, a bar will appear at the top of the phone to accept or reject the call.

Minimize video calls

Several apps support moving pictures in picture mode, but you can now minimize the video call and do other things in the background. This feature works for most video apps like YouTube, FaceTime.


For text conversations, you can now pin your most important threads and keep them at the top of the list for easy access.

In group chats, you can directly reply to someone’s message, a feature called online replies, after which you can view that specific interaction as a thread if you wish you can also type someone’s name from the chat to send them a message directly.


With iOS 14, communicating in a foreign language is now easier with the new translation app that supports 11 different languages. You can use it for both text translation and real-time audio translation.

New SIRI interface

Apple’s assistant “SIRI” brings a new streamlined look. The new Siri app will not take up the entire display but will appear at the bottom of the display when activated.

Gestural shortcut

A new gesture link is available by tapping on the back of the phone and you can program it to activate a specific app or function.

Software improvement

  • Map navigation can provide optimized routes using elevation data.
  • The Health app comes with a sleep monitor to make sure you get enough rest and reminds you of the volume on your headphones to help you preserve your hearing.
  • Camera performance has faster processing times for your shots and a new exposure compensation control.
  • Airpods now have spatial audio and automatic switching between devices.

Privacy update

  • An indicator appears at the top of the screen to alert you when an app is using the microphone or camera.
  • The Apple Store has a new privacy report button that lets you see an app’s privacy practices before installing it.
  • The web browser also displays a privacy report instantly to see who is tracking your browsing behavior.

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