India: Apple is making significant investments in this country

With a 74 per cent share, the brand maintains its leading position in the Multiplayer category (above Rs 45,000). The major demand for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are also very big factors in industry development, such as space counter. Priya Balasubramaniam, vice president of the company (Product Services) said Apple is making a significant investment in India to expand its presence in the country and support one million jobs in the country beyond capacity. , materials, and supplier partners.

Speaking at the Bengaluru Tech Summit 2021, Balasubramaniam said that Apple has been operating in India for two years, and in 2017, it started manufacturing iPhones at a factory in Bengaluru.

“Since then, we have expanded with applications here and in Chennai, producing several iPhone models for the domestic and international markets. With our supply chain, we are investing exclusively in India to develop our services, expand our reach, and engage with more local suppliers, ”he added.

Balasubramaniam noted that over the past year, Apple’s online store establishment company has been offering full products and services directly to customers across India for the first time and the Cupertino company is hoping to expand further with physical retail stores.

“Today, Apple supports nearly one million services in India, from our staff to the fast-growing iOS application platform, to our work with supplier partners. The App Store is full of amazing apps developed in India, while our App Accelerator in Bengaluru provides guidance to thousands of iOS developers, ”he added.

Balasubramaniam said Apple production facilities in India have succeeded in dumping wastewater to leave the land faster and move forward by imparting lessons of waste reduction into the areas where workers live.

“In India, our suppliers achieved a record for obtaining a Platinum Zero Waste Certificate: Seven suppliers in just six months. We see a lot more energy, a lot more world distribution, ”he said.

Last month, Apple said it had doubled the number of suppliers determined to use clean energy last year to 175 worldwide, including from India, as part of its bid to be carbon neutral. supply chain and products by 2030.

Apple has been aggressively expanding its presence in the Indian market over the past few years. According to the research firm Counterpoint, Apple is the brand that is growing at the highest level in September 2021 quarter with 212 per cent growth over the year and leads the premium smartphone market (above Rs 30,000) with a 44 per cent share.

Models like the iPhone 11, the new iPhone SE, and the iPhone 12 were assembled in India by its co-producers. The brand maintained its leading position in the Multiplayer category (above Rs 45,000) with a 74 per cent stake, Counterpoint has added that a strong demand for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 are the main factors in the development of the company.

Balasubramaniam notes that production is being transformed by new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality, advanced robots, and 3-D printing. Apple also became the flagship 5G smartphone brand in the premium segment for the first time, as per Counterpoint.

Balasubramaniam demonstrates that with integration and data analytics, companies can track these metrics in real time from anywhere in the world. “Instead of using expensive optical probes to measure particle sizes for quality assurance, we can use the A14 Bionic iPhone chip and camera to run the machine vision algorithms. In milliseconds, we can get product variations. What they add is a new form of production. Some call it Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution. It’s called smart production, ”he said.

“Through the pandemic, we have all seen the importance of resilient supply chains and the importance of manufacturing, not only to support the economy but also to allow it to prosper. Our systems will become more flexible, developing a more robust economy. For example, one of the projects we are driving in India as we are talking about station monitoring with ML Video. This will allow remote monitoring and production control, increasing productivity, ”he added.

He said the state-level policies and Government policies of India to boost productivity, including efforts to support the ecosystem of startups, continue Apple already on the way to more worlds, and more investment open.

“Our accelerator connects some of the brightest in technology and technology with sources that can promote their designs Apple we at Apple measure our brand in India, and around the world, not done by the scale of our actions but by the positive impact we can create. We do this through our products, but also, through our partnerships in communities across the country – and both reflect our values, ”he added.

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