In the new redesign range, Apple computers and mobile phones perform poorly

Many of its customers went to Apple to repair their appliances, he said, but “Apple told them they needed to buy another iPhone and it did not repair when they brought it to me.” “Obviously, I removed the headphone jack, which took 30 seconds and restarted the phone,” he explained. “That means you will not be able to use the Face ID if you replace it with the back product section.”

He said he supports what we call digital rights reform in Massachusetts because “I want Apple to give me the tools I need so I can help my customers.” Request for comment to the Media Department to which Apple did not respond. Opponents of the bill say intricate mobile phones, laptops or other electronic devices should be maintained by trained individuals. At a hearing in early October, opponents said many manufacturers already provided product redesign and support.

Entertainment Software Association State Government Affairs Director Matt Lenz said the business could affect video game console producers such as Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo and promote pirated video games. All three console operators offer repair services, he said, beyond the warranty period to keep the devices in good working condition.

At an October hearing, he said console features protect creative functions and prevent illegal device changes that could lead to pirated games. Once the consoles (technical security measures) are disabled, two worrying events can occur. First, the gaming experience for gamers is diminished, sometimes surprisingly, which can be seen as a defect in the console or the game, ”he said. “And two, any number of illegal, copied games from the internet can be played on the console.”

Consumer Protection and Professional Licensing Commission reported the bill satisfactorily in February. Kevin O’Reilly, the right-to-be re-advertising director for the US Energy Research Group, refers to a French evaluation program for the repair and power of electronics. Part of the scale requires the European Union to create logos for consumer products to help people buying electronics.

Acquired from 100 and then compressed into 1-10 size, the rating system looks at everything from the availability of repair paper, ease of release, availability of spare parts, affordability of spare parts, and specific departments. That score will appear as a symbol on the product. That program was a factor in the score card released last week. O’Reilly said the score card was primarily focused on the ease of release “because this is more of a world of different values ​​offered by the French Reconstruction Score.”

The score card is for Dell, Asus, Lenovo, and Acer laptops between 6.5 and 7.9 out of 10, a Hewlett-Packard 6.39, and a Microsoft 4.6. For mobile phones, Motorola took the top spot with 7.77, Samsung a 5.69, and Google a 4.64. “No one came into the store and said I was going to buy something I could not fix today. That is not something that customers want to do, ”O’Reilly said. “But in the long run, the products we buy are hard to fix, and there is no way to know whether or not you can repair them.”

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