In the iPhone 13 screen correction line, Apple promised software refinement

Apple has decided to support Face ID support. The company has said it will stop making life difficult for anyone who replaces a damaged iPhone 13 screen with a third-party display.

As iFixit pointed out at the end of September, if you replace the screen in iPhone 13, Pro or non-Pro, with third-party replacement, you will be left with a face recognition ID.

“Any replacement of the display hits the Face ID,” the repair company noted in its teardown of the new iPhone. “It looks like the display is locked serial to the phone. Unless Apple reviews this behavior in software, screen replacements outside of Apple’s authorization will lose all Face ID functionality. ”

According to analytics by iCorrect and iFixit, if you want to replace the screen in iPhone 13, you need to move a small controller from the official touch screen display to the unofficial one.

From what can be said, this chip is the screen saver to the rest of the phone, and if it matches the new display, you need to bring us past the connected controller. Without this connection, Face ID is disabled by iOS 15.

Making these broken links is very complicated what should be a regular operation, preventing independent repair shops and anyone else replacing a display.

Meanwhile, Apple’s patented repair kits have a software application that ensures the iPhone and its replacement screen work together as essentially without any hassle. This creates an uneven playing field in the world of Apple repairs, and reduces the choice for owners.

Today Apple says it will address this situation in an iOS update at an undisclosed location, allowing replacement screens to enable Face ID to work without any chip transfers. “There will be a solution in the upcoming software update,” an Apple spokesman told us, quoting the Verge.

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