In its application, Spotify tested a TikTok vertical video feed

To the front page of the app, a new feature in early test writing for the iPhone introduces a new Discover tab. Similar to the TikTok interface, tt contains vertical music video clips that users can purchase by speed. Has it not been shown that it is the only test which may not be added to the original application if the feature is eligible for wide release?

It was first discovered by Chris Messina, who is widely regarded as the hashtag creator, who posted a short video on Twitter announcing the new operating system.

Mr Messina told the Techcrunch news site – which first reported the story – that he saw a new feature in writing TestFlight – Apple’s name for the beta versions of the early developer of the app.

Many app companies – such as Twitter and Facebook – tested such features several months before rolling them out to all users, and some tests were not allowed.

Spotify told Techcrunch that it will not normally publish the new feature.

“At Spotify, we do a number of tests regularly to improve our user experience,” a spokesman said.

“Some of those tests ended up paving the way for a broader user experience and others functioning as a core discipline only. We have no other news to share at this time. ”

TikTok’s vertical video format has been copied repeatedly since the Kannada app hit the venue in 2016, and has become popular in recent years.

YouTube has an experimental version called The Short, Instagram has introduced a similar feature called Reels, and Snapchat has added Spotlight. Other materials include features similar to their center column with Byte and Triller.