In iPad and iPhone applications: Grammarly update brings significant improvements

Grammarly is in the process of suggesting the best solutions for the writing style if you are getting a major update, which adds special features to the iPad and iPhone applications.

It is a cloud-based application that scans spelling, grammar, punctuation.

Apart from bumping the app to version 2.0, Grammarly developers introduced a new editor for the iPhone and iPad, which promises to give users feedback on long documents, as well as personal stats and tokens from help them progress while using the app. . More importantly, the new editor is compatible with even application keyboards.

Next in line, support for Safari extensions, which allows users to bring the app to just about any mobile web application. Last but not least, Grammarly Keyboard, one of the many apps available in Grammarly, now allows users to access the writing tips in any mobile application.

Therefore, regular bug fixes and performance improvements are in the update too, so for long Grammarly users, some of these are even noticeable. Remember that Grammarly requires monthly subscription, but will improve in writing format, as well as highlight errors and make suggestions for non-native speakers.

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