Improve your COVID-19 stay at home with these free apps and resources

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues worldwide, countries are extending national lock-in periods and increasing the need to stay at home. Appleiphonestop has compiled a list of free resources, applications, tools and services that are always available to use during social distancing.

In recent months, companies have been quick to help the general public cope while staying at home, mainly by offering software and services accessible from an iPhone, iPad or Mac.

While many countries still encourage people to work or learn from home, and to stay away from others to minimize COVID-19 sp, Appleiphonestop has compiled a list of apps, services, and online or downloadable content that you can take advantage of. from the security of your own home, which continue to be free at this time.


Probably one of the biggest problems the public faces during lockdown is boredom, and video services have quickly tried to help, in the form of free content and extended trial periods.

Channels offered through the Apple TV app and Apple TV set-top boxes offer trial subscriptions extended by one month or more in some cases. The list of channels offering this includes Acorn TV, A&E, Arrow, The Hi Channel Vault, Lifetime Movie Club, Noggin, PBS Living, Showtime and Smithsonian Channel Plus.

Shudder: Horror and thriller fans can take advantage of 30 days of free access to the streaming service, using the promo code SHUTIN.

Sling TV: Free access to the live TV service is offered through the “Happy Hour Across America” ​​program, which operates every evening from 5:00 p.m. to midnight Eastern time. This includes access to more than 50 channels typically included in its $ 30 Sling Blue plan.

NFL Game Pass: Sports fans can enjoy free access to the Game Pass until May 31. The Game Pass features reruns of games from 2009 to 2019 without ads, backstage interviews with players and other content.

Plex: generally requiring a Plex Pass, Plex users can broadcast live television for free between devices using their own HD antenna and tuner until the end of June. DVR functionality and other premium features always require a pass purchase to be used.

SiriusXM: Access to the full range of premium streaming radio content is provided free of charge, without the need for credit card registration. The offer will continue until May 15.

Scribd: If ing is more your thing, Scribd offers a 30-day trial of its service without requiring a credit card registration. Over a million titles are available, including a selection of ebooks, magazines and audiobooks.

Izneo: For comic book fans, Izneo has a 30-day free trial for its content, which includes books from Star Trek, X-Files, Judge Dredd, Transformers, Archie, Jem and the Holograms and others franchises.

Audible: Hundreds of audio books for young listeners are available for free, without the need for a subscription. The catalog includes many classic works, such as Frankenstein and The Canterbury Tales by Mary Shelley, while more modern works on offer include the nine hours of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by Stephen Fry.

PBS Kids Video: Free to use, the service offers programs and videos focused on children, ranging from Arthur and Clifford the Big Red Dog to pillars like Sesame Street. A daily newsletter is also available, providing more activity ideas and tips to encourage home learning.


While interactive entertainment is the order of the day, some developers have started offering generally paid games for free, via the App Store and other digital storefronts. Storefront offers a wide variety of free classic and indie games as part of its “Stay at Home” collection. Although not all titles support macOS, there is still a wide range of older titles that are worth looking into.

Deus Ex GO: Free for a limited time, Deus Ex GO is a stealthy, turn-based puzzle game set in the dystopian future. Secret agent Adam Jensen must solve grid-based puzzles to complete missions and unravel a futuristic mystery.

Cards Against Humanity, Family Edition: The creators of the rude card game have created a family version with PG humor, making it safer to play with children. The game is intended to be printed and cut into cards, so paper, glue and scissors are required.

Asmodee: a selection of free printable and fun versions of board games is available, including “Citadels”, “Catan”, “Love Letter”, “Dixit” and “KeyForge”. There are also apps available for the Onirim, Onitama and Ascension games, which are also provided for free.

Google Stadia: two months of access to the game streaming service are offered, which also include a collection of games to play. Although not playable on iOS at this time, players can still use Chrome on a Mac to play games on the service.

Epic Games Store: In addition to offering free Fortnite and other similar titles, Epic Games Store offers a weekly collection of games to add to a library. Until May 7, players can claim free copies of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as well as Windows Crashlands only.

Learning and education

Spending more time at home offers many opportunities to learn a new skill or improve your knowledge. With schools adhering to home support measures, this can also be the perfect time to provide more learning experiences for younger family members.

iTunes U: Apple has been offering a large catalog of free educational content for some time, including public course content recorded in major schools, universities, museums and other cultural institutions.

Swift Playgrounds (macOS and iPad): you want to learn to code? This tool will teach you how to code in Swift, via a selection of fun and intuitive games.

Khan Academy: offering thousands of free lectures on a wide variety of topics, the Khan Academy is an ideal place for the curious.

Udemy: While not everything offered on Udemy is free, there are thousands of video conferences available for viewing via the service.

National Emergency Library / is best known for hosting the Wayback Machine, but it also hosts millions of books, songs, TV shows, magazines, and other public domain content. The National Emergency Library, also run by, is an initiative in which it suspended the waiting list for its 1.4 million books in the lending library until June 30, 2020 or the end of the national emergency in the United States, whichever is later.

JSTOR: Usually used by college and university students as an academic resource for e-books and journals, JSTOR has made its entire library accessible to the general public. Access normally requires university degrees, but this was removed during the crisis.

Les Grands Cours: A selection of free content relating to infectious diseases and the Coronavirus in particular is offered to the general public. Free lessons in a variety of subjects are also offered daily via The Great Courses Daily.

Babbel: Students enrolled in American schools and colleges have three months of free access to the language learning service, including access to 14 languages. Students must register for a Babbel account using their school email address via the offer page to claim free time.

Duolingo: First offered to learn a language, Duolingo offers free short courses in more than 94 language courses covering 23 languages. Optional in-app purchases are available, but are not required to use the app.

Time for Kids: Free for the rest of the 2020 school year, Time’s digital library provides spreadsheets, educational tools and quizzes to help educators and family members teach children.

Sesame Workshop: The team behind Sesame Street provides a wealth of online content and resources to help during the pandemic. The collection includes 110 Sesame Street books accessible through eBook services, including Apple Books.


If you feel the need to make art or generally create something at home, there are many options to broaden your creative horizons.

Final Cut Pro X: Want to work on your video editing? Apple offers free 90-day trials of Final Cut Pro X, giving you access to a professional-level editing suite on your Mac.

Logic Pro X: Just like Final Cut Pro X, Apple offers a 90-day trial of Logic Pro X. The professional music creation tool is a huge suite that is used by many major artists and groups around the world.

GarageBand: Always free, GarageBand is a music creation suite for Mac, iPhone and iPad that provides all the essential recording, composing and publishing features you need to start creating music.

Minimoog Model D Synthesizer: A recreation of the famous analog synthesizer, the free app offers over 160 presets and chord functions that will help musicians get started using the famous instrument.

Ableton Live: Ableton offers a 90-day trial of its Live 10 suite, which includes DAW with 13 instruments, 56 effects for audio processing, and a wide selection of loops.

Affinity by Serif: 90-day free trials for the entire Affinity suite are offered, which include Affinity Publisher, Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. The trials are open to registrations until May 20, when a 50% discount will expire for anyone wishing to keep the applications.

Nikon School: Originally scheduled for April, Nikon extended its online photography and videography classes until May, as well as the variety of its Creator’s Hour online events. Although oriented towards Nikon cameras, the principles proposed by the classes can easily be applied to practically any camera of any brand.

Fender Play: Finally want to learn the guitar, bass or ukulele that is in the corner of the room? Fender provides three months of access to its online courses to the first million applicants. Redemption requires that a code be generated and used on an account, but does not require a credit card.

Zencastr: Throughout the pandemic, Zencastr lifted guest duration and registration restrictions on its Hobbyist podcast creation accounts, allowing unlimited guests instead of two and unlimited registration times instead of eight hours a month.

health and wellbeing

Although you may be stuck at home and not able to take long walks, ride a bike, or even visit a gym, there is no reason why you cannot use your mobile devices to stay in form.

Active by Popsugar: The app offers cardio, HIIT and yoga workouts, including over 500 individual sessions from famous trainers and fitness experts, without ads. The app also offers multi-week challenges, such as “21 days to start your fitness” and “4-week full body fusion” for those who want a more structured fitness regimen.

Peloton: Although known for its exercise equipment, Peloton also offers training sessions via its application which can be performed without the need for your own exercise bike or your own running machine. The company offers a 30-day free trial of its service, covering bodybuilding, yoga, HIIT, meditation, stretching, and cardio, among other things.

Balance: a personalized meditation app, Balance offers a free one-year subscription to those who send emails [email protected]

Headspace: A number of meditation collections are offered free of charge during the current pandemic. Healthcare workers can also get a full subscription to the app at no cost.

Sanvello: Manage the stress caused by the situation with Sanvello, using its self-assessment tools, mood monitoring, adaptation tools and a network of peer support. Premium access is provided free of charge during the epidemic.

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