If Apple kills the lightning port, an environmental disaster awaits

When the European Commission pressured Apple to change the iPhone’s Lightning port for USB-C on units sold in Europe early last year, Apple was able to hold its position by indicating the “unprecedented amount of electronic waste “, which would have been created if” hundreds of millions of active devices and accessories “were rendered useless overnight.

As per BBC news at the time:

The company claims to have shipped more than a billion devices that have a Lightning connector, as well as millions of accessories that use the technology.

He said the legislation would stop “hundreds of millions of active devices and accessories used by our European customers”.

He argued that if European lawmakers forced phone makers to use the now obsolete micro-USB in 2009, they would “limit the progress” of the technology.

Apple said in a statement, “We don’t believe there is any reason for regulation as the industry is already moving towards using USB-C through a connector or cable assembly.”

What would be the amount of electronic waste from Apple leaving the port of Lightning, poses ZDNet? More than you can imagine:

I can’t imagine how many Lightning accessories there are out there in nature. Over the years I have handled many hundreds of them and have dozens of them on my desk and on the shelves around me right now.

Getting rid of the Lightning port would create a huge amount of electronic waste overnight.

And Apple knows that.

Apple has stopped shipping headphones and power supplies with iPhone 12 due to the “environmental impact” of these additional accessories in the box. Everyone already has earphones and AC adapters lying around.

The Cupertino, California-based tech giant has been making a tirade against physical ports on its most portable devices (3.5mm RIP on iPhones) and all signs indicate that the Lightning port on iPhones will be the next domino to fall.

According to leaks and early reports, Apple may eliminate the Lightning port on the iPhone 13, replacing it with a combination of MagSafe – which it has already pushed heavily with the iPhone 12 – and a portless ‘Smart Connector’.

Making the Lightning port obsolete makes a lot of sense for Apple: one less component to spend money on, one less item that takes up space in the iPhone chassis, one less part to wear out over time, and one less entry point for the dust, liquids and other dirt.

However, with the Lightning port gone, all Lightning peripherals and accessories will become dead weight and that may be enough to discourage users with many Lightning peripherals from upgrading (although Apple develops some sort of wireless connector for them. ).

And let’s face it: despite Apple’s penchant for innovation, the technology to make wireless charging as good as wired is simply not there yet.

Via: www.iphoneincanada.ca

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