If Apple does not make their own automation software HomeKit is doomed to fail

In July 1982, a company leader, Alan Kay, stated, “People who are very computer savvy have to create their own devices.” Steve Jobs used this rumor to explain his vision for Apple and the iPhone in particular, in July 2007.

Over the past decade, Tim Cook has reiterated this belief that Apple is the best thing when it comes to hardware, software and services now. So why not apply that knowledge to everything I do? Let’s talk about this.

Four key areas to govern

There are currently four key areas of human life that technology companies want to embrace. Home, work, car and sports. When you take these areas and apply them to the Apple product process, you may see some obvious links. Mac and iPhone control the workplace. Apple Watch and AirPods in the gym. Then he took the car and the house, two places where the current situation did not really meet.

Apple’s plan for the car and home is to create a single core application and then license some technologies to manufacturers in other fields to build the rest of the story. It’s the flawless non-Apple that drove me crazy for the last few years. We now know that Apple is working to revamp their car system, finally building their own car from scratch. It is still a long way off, but hopefully, when it is all said and done, we will have the first car that seamlessly integrates into our digital lives in a way we have never done before.

But indoors? What can Apple do to make home automation easier than ever? They are already making speakers and TV boxes. So what parts of the story are missing? The answer is obvious. They should create their own light bulbs, switches, sockets, locks, cameras and routers.

Google and Amazon are ahead I always ask friends and family “what should I take to make my home smarter?” I do not know how to answer. Sure, I can tell them to buy HomeKit stickers on them. But I can not guarantee their quality or reliability. It is a licensing program that any provider can join. I’ve repeatedly said that someone tried Amazon’s Alexa ecosystem, because it makes most of the products you need to get things done quickly and efficiently. Amazon made its own thermostat, its own plugs, its own rooms, discarded, even their own soap trail. Their ecosystem is better than Apple at the moment, but Apple will not be difficult to deliver them with many very powerful gifts.

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