Ideas for Apple (AAPL) M2 Pro, Max, and Ultra Chips; iMac, Mac Pro, and MacBook Air specifications

My comments on Apple’s new iPhone SE, iPad Air, and Mac Studio, as well as an in-depth look at the M2 processor, Mac Pro, iMac Pro, and future displays are detailed below. Even: Take a look at what happened to Peloton and where it goes, including learning about Robinhood’s new business card. On last week’s episode of Power On: Before the event, I gave a review and discussed my expectations. Refer to Here’s What’s New With Apple’s Last M1 Chip:

Next Studio Apple and MacBook Pro. Source: Apple After months of anticipation, Apple Inc. held its first 2022 product launch event last Tuesday, delivering minor updates to the iPhone SE and iPad Air, a Mac Studio desktop computer, a cheaper stand- Monitor only and a new chip to sit at the top of your Apple Silicon portfolio .

None of the announcements should be unexpected to Apple watchers. I first wrote about 5G and the new chips coming to the iPhone SE and iPad Air earlier this year. I also wrote about an updated Mac – specifically a smaller Mac Pro or beefier Mac mini depending on who you ask – and a cheaper introduction in January 2021. I discuss the chip that will become the M1 Ultra last May. It’s essentially two M1 Maxes from last October’s MacBook Pro together.

While iPhone and iPad upgrades do not necessarily carry the needle in terms of technology, I think they will sell well. The new flagship is by far one of the most iconic accounts, while both the Mac Studio and the new monitor exemplify Apple’s commitment to the Mac. Apple Minerals has been a game changer, allowing technology giants to build newer Macs and release more variations in different charging areas. That allows companies to serve as many customers type and needs as possible. It’s almost a shame how Intel Corp. retains the ideas inside Apple, and I have so much more to say about what to expect from future Macs below.

However, I think the most interesting part of the event was Apple going all-in on the technical details, discussion of chips and nitty-gritty that has long avoided in favor of what it can do with the products. My thoughts on each publication are below. Apple Debuts 5G iPhone, New iPad And Macs In Event Market. The iPhone SE.Photographer: Gabby Jones / Bloomberg. IPhone SE and Green iPhone 13.

The new iPhone SE has come out as expected: It has a 2020 design (Touch ID, 4.7-inch screen, home button) with A15 and 5G chips. What we did not expect: $ 30 increase to $ 429. Apple specifically did the opposite than I believe would have been clever: Instead of spending some dream dollars to sell more of the older generation, it increased the cost of its less expensive phone. That is a huge bet in a market where the average price of an Indian phone is $ 200. And while it may not be surprising to raise prices at a time of high inflation, US consumers are putting more money into gas, food and other uses, leaving less money for iPhones.

However, of course the phone will be a success for years to come even if it looks like the iPhone 8 from 2017. Why? 5G. I personally do not think 5G has done anything to change the way I use my iPhone. But Apple, other phone makers and — of course, carriers — are successfully using 5G as a marketing strategy.

That said, I don’t think the new iPhone SE is a buy-in. You can get a refurbished iPhone 11 with better display and two cameras for the same price. You can also find the latest generation iPhone SE for around $ 300. My thoughts on the new iPhone 13 colors could be my flexibility: These look awesome, at least from photos online. I wish Alpine Green had come back in September, instead of “Tiffany Blue.” I hope Apple keeps greening around for the iPhone 14 this fall.

The iPad Air is another balance update, receiving faster chip, 5G and camera upgrades. Instead of using the A15 chip, Apple relied on the M1 processor from last year’s iPad Pro. That gives the iPad three to four extra graphics cores, two CPU cores and total speeds compared to A15 devices. Going with the M1 also reduces the gap between the iPad Air and the 11-inch iPad Pro even further, and I don’t see why the shell adds an extra $ 200 for the iPad Pro.

The 10-megapixel camera for wide-angle shots and lidar I personally don’t think that’s worth the extra $ 200, and I hope Apple upgrades the next iPad Pro to fill more of a gap. I hear that the next iPad Pro may have a M2 chip and a MagSafe charge, which will be two good selling points. One can also continue to expect for a 15-inch version. With the slimmest of variations, I think the new iPad Air is perhaps the best value on the iPad line at this point and, if marketed well, could be a very strong seller for the company.

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