I have high expectations for Apple’s iPhone 14

Focus. It must be removed. Yes, it does its job, it has a front-facing camera and many reviewers that allow you to unlock your phone just by looking at it. And, while the hardness on the iPhone 13 has decreased slightly, it still occupies an important part of the screen. So it is time for the best solution that will allow the screen to turn on. Maybe Apple can control the cameras under the display there but we don’t pay much attention. That has already been demonstrated on phones from ZTE and Vivo, but the technology is far from perfect. Then came some strange pop-up selfie cameras featured on some Oppo phones, which came out from the top, stopping the display.

I would even compromise with a simple punch hole solution, full front with display but just removing two small, obtrusive holes that are not small for cameras to look through. iPhone 14 Can Turn off Hardcore, but for Pro only. When talking about hidden objects on the screen, let’s put a fingerprint scanner under there even. Apple Eye ID works well for the most part, or at least it did before the pandemic hit. Wearing masks in public is a much more common occurrence than before the pandemic, and prior to the release of iOS 15.4 in March, unlocking the screen did not work without pairing it with an Apple Watch. Although you can now unlock your iPhone while wearing a screen thanks to the latest iOS update, I think Apple should also restore the fingerprint scanner.

Screen technology is common right now, with affordable phones from OnePlus without hiding proteins into the display of their phones and I find they work just as well as the physical proteins on the back or side of the phone. It is not a step backwards to put this technology into – it would be easy to accept that perhaps the world needs a different solution than what we already have – which can say a lot of things. The iPhone 13 Pro camera is a great thing, taking beautiful pictures of the weather and taking sharp, sharp shots in the middle of the night. It is one of the best cameras you can find on a phone, but I am a photographer, so naturally I would ask more.

The first thing I want here is a big burn. Yes, Apple upgraded the zoom level up to 3x with the iPhone 13 Pro, but that still changes to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra’s whopping 10x zoom. Sliding lenses are excellent tools for finding combinations that interest your area, for getting close to those details that will be easy to get lost if you hold your rifle with wide angle lenses. Even the 4x zoom on Google’s new Pixel 6 Pro has been leaked to allow for more telephoto images.

Packed with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, which also has 10x zoom, it is obvious to see how much advantage it can have to have a long zoom option. improvements in quality. So let’s hit the even bigger image sensor out there – maybe the 1-inch size as seen on the Sony Xperia Pro I recently, or hell, let’s go APS-C or full frame, if we expect . Larger sensor, better overall picture quality and with each generation of camera upgrade we have, the more I need to bring my camera out with me.

Apple has adopted USB-C for almost all of its products now from iPads to MacBooks to AirPods. The iPhone also uses most of Apple’s Lightning port, which makes it the only device on my desktop I need to find a different cable for when I want to charge it. All my Android review phones, tablets and even my mouse and keyboard plug into my USB-C power cables and the iPhone feels outdated as a result.

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