I can’t get enough of this insane MacBook Pro Hack

Apple appears to be giving desktop PCs a huge boost right now, from the M1 Mac mini to last week’s new Mac Studio. However, Chinese retailers have developed a clever way (although an improvement) of the production yet another Apple desktop. All you need is half the MacBook to get started. Apparently the market is growing for MacBook Pros which has completely removed their screens. This may work like a desktop Mac when connected to any of the best 4k displays, but it is cheaper and comes with a keyboard, music pad, and pre-installed speakers.

It’s certainly an enterprising idea. Half a Mac will cost less than a whole – and all the power and interiors are under the MacBook Pro keyboard. Sure, it sounds a little weird, but the more I look at it, the more I look around to the idea. If you buy a Mac mini, you will also need one of the best keyboards for Mac and the best mouse for Mac. There is no such thing here – they are part and parcel of the MacBook. And with the incredible speed of the MacBook Pro 2021 there is an impressive performance guarantee for years to come.

Of course, there are serious flaws. Do not expect the warranty of any description with this item – although we would love to see the faces of Apple’s Genius Bar staff if we are brought in for repair. And then there is the lack of transportation – without exposure, it stumbles. Then again, maybe this is not confusing then. Apple has already filed patents for smartphones with removable keyboards and screens – is it wild to ignore a MacBook with a removable screen? It may seem like a lot, well, this.

While you won’t be seeing it in the Apple Store anytime soon, we have to put our hat on display on display here. But if you want the most powerful Apple desktop experience available, you will want to check out the new Mac Studio brand.

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