How to transfer data from Android to iPhone

How to quickly and easily copy some files, photos and videos to an iPhone or even move the entire content of an Android phone to an iPhone.

Transferring data from an Android smartphone to an iPhone can be done in a number of ways, and Apple helps out with the heavy lifting. The best way depends on the amount and type of data moved. For example, sending a few photos and videos is quite simple, while transferring all the data to go from Android to iOS requires multiple steps.

While some imagine a huge gap between an Android phone and an iPhone, in truth, a lot is the same. Each has the standard functions that have become common, such as making calls, sending texts, taking photos, recording videos, browsing and sharing on social media, checking news and weather, and generally using the internet to do various things on a mobile device that it once required a computer. There are far more similarities than differences, and as such, most data types are compatible with both platforms.

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Choosing the best method to transfer data from an Android phone to an iPhone depends on what is being transferred, how much and even why it needs to be done. When switching from an Android phone to a new iPhone, the user is likely to want to move emails, contacts, photos, videos, music, files and apps. This would be laborious if it weren’t for the “Move to iOS” tool which Apple produces specifically for this purpose. Installing this app automates the process and reduces the effort of exporting and importing contacts, bookmarks, etc. It really is the best way to get started when you need to copy everything to an iPhone. Apple describes the steps to transfer data using this app. The iPhone will create a Wi-Fi server that the Android phone connects to, so no cables or cellular network connection is required. Of course, some may just want to send a few photos or a file to an iPhone, and there are several ways to do this.

Transfer files, photos and videos from Android to iPhone

Sending files from iPhone to iPhone is often easier with AirDrop, and Google recently added an Android-like feature called Nearby Sharing. Unfortunately, there is no way to make them similar, but different protocols communicate with each other. There are third-party apps that make it easy to transfer files but, in most cases, they’re not needed. If you don’t need full-resolution photos or videos, using a messaging app might be easier. Sending via various social media apps is another quick and easy option, but it will result in compressed photos and videos.

For the best quality photos and videos – or, indeed, other documents or files – uploading to cloud storage, such as Amazon Drive, Google Drive, or iCloud will work fine as long as a good internet connection is available on both the Android phone and the ‘iPhone. This would mean uploading from the Android device to your preferred cloud storage, then sending a download link to the iPhone. Each online storage provider has an option to share a link to individual files and usually also to folders containing different files, photos and videos. If wireless methods don’t work, users can always transfer Android to computer first and then computer to iPhone using appropriate cables.

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