How to change iOS location on Google Maps

Google Maps helps you find your route when traveling to a new city or country. In addition, it also helps you with the closest restaurants, shops, schools and many other places. These maps also use real-time traffic informationon to show you the shortest and fastest route possible.

There is no doubt that Google Maps offers the best online mapping since 2005. Day by day, it evolves into an interactive global database overflowing with informationon. But, sometimes, you don’t want to allow Google Maps to find your current location, and if so, iPhone GPS spoofing or fake GPS with tools like iOS iSpoofer can help you.

Additionally, several location-based games such as Pokémon Go depend on the location of Google Maps. To catch more Pokémon while sitting at home, you may need the help of the iOS location changer, including iSpoofer for POGO.

You can use Google Maps on Android and iPhone for various purposes. Yes, there is Apple Maps for iPhone, but with iOS 14, you …

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