How much RAM does your PC or Mac need? (Edition 2021)

I’ve been building and upgrading PCs and Macs for a long time and if there’s one question I wish I could have a dollar for every time it’s been asked, it’s the RAM question.

How much RAM should I install?

People like this both when buying a new system and when upgrading. And that’s not an easy question to answer because, unless you’re very clear about what you want to do with the system, how long you’re going to keep it, the answer can be pretty vague.

We must also add to the equation that many modern systems, especially laptops, especially MacBooks, do not have the ability to upgrade RAM.

If that’s the case, what you buy is what you’re stuck with.

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RAM is also pretty cheap. Macs and premium systems are an exception, where you end up paying a premium of $ 400 per $ 100 of RAM to go from 16GB to 32GB, but …

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