Here is what you should check about iPhone 13 Mini before purchasing

Apple iPhone 13 Mini has its own set of advantages and disadvantages as it is released. The iPhone 13 Mini is also the most economical model of the iPhone 13, its main advantage is its small size and price, that is, Rs 69,000. Should you buy it? The most impressive feature of the iPhone 13 Mini is its small size ironically. Due to its small size, you can buy an iPhone Mini.

The Mini is a blessing for hands in a world where phones are always heavier and heavier. Unlike the iPhone 13 Pro Max, it does not hurt the palms despite the sharp box edges.

Except for low light / night photography, the iPhone 13 Mini cameras match the quality of the Pro Max in most situations. The iPhone 13 Mini happily saves your battery for two days in standby as my secondary device. Full morning charge allows the iPhone 13 Mini to get through a day of balance to weight use.

The iPhone 13 Mini comes with its own disadvantages of having a 60Hz display but within the same charge range, one can get a higher 120Hz resolution and a smaller camera aperture.

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