Help me with this air gap, please


I am a Windows user.

I would like to build a long-term cold storage system. Yesterday I ordered the cryptosteel capsule from eBay, I hope it’s sweet. Anyway, let’s talk about how much help I need:

Behaviorally, not really obsessed with my safety, it’s too difficult. I am human. I use a VPN but also just logged into my email and navigated here from my email link without starting a new session to poll the public for advice on how to protect your life savings? so yeah, not very good at that stuff. Anyway I think I chose Armory because of the usability of the offline signature. So I need to encrypt this money to last a thousand years, that’s what they say anyway.

I’ve never built a computer, so now is the time.

So to get started, basically tell me the cheapest motherboard for an air gap machine and your opinion for the safest way to sign transactions (based on the technical skills of the user of course – not the safest way ever but only the safest way for me to do that is not using Exodus and canceling the whole program, which goes without saying). I’m in favor of a USB stick, but some people aren’t. If QR codes are the answer, so be it, I’m not sure. Also, I don’t have any preference on which processor to use and the research phase doesn’t interest me at this point, but that doesn’t mean I’m lost because it just means that I spend all my time reading other stuff and just want some Help.

I am willing to pay for it (LTC only). Please give me simple advice on things like: which motherboard to buy, which processor, other considerations, transaction signing, too

another question

Is this a good opportunity for me to experiment with Linux or some other operating system? I’ve never used anything other than Windows (not counting OSX like ten years ago), but anyway, there’s no reason I couldn’t use the “surveillance wallet” in my regular Win10 and cold wallet – configure Ubuntu or others things I literally don’t have exactly -0?

If you give me useful informationon and an LTC public key I will send you small tokens of gratitude, thank you!


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