Hashtag Trending March 21: Long haul robots; Apple saves billions; New Google search history lost function

The freight trains will be owned by robots. Apple is saving billions by removing headsets and chargers from iPhones, while Google is introducing a new tool that allows users to remove their new search history. Amazon Alexa Trending Hashtag 200 px wide Google Podcast badge Here is all the technical news you are currently doing on Hashtag Trending. It was Monday, March 21, and I was Tom Li, his host.

Will the robots take over the trucking industry? According to a new study, robotic trucks could replace 500,000 jobs in the US Bloomberg reported that robots will be used to tackle the most dangerous and exhausting tasks first, starting with long loads. Long journeys are easier for autonomous systems as the highways are easier. The communication is completely different on city roads, where traffic is very complex and risky. Engineers are considering setting up airports in cities that remove trucks from a human driver to a robot before it hits the interstate. The study, published in the journal Nature Communication and Social Sciences, says such a system would replace 90 percent of long-distance car drivers in the US.

A new report estimates that Apple has saved around $ 6.5 billion by not including chargers and headsets with iPhones. Experts in CCS Studies highlight the trend by adding adapter sales, savings on transportation, and reducing manufacturing costs. Apple announced the change two years ago as part of its initiative to cut off carbon emissions and electrical waste. The drive is that many iPhone buyers already have chargers from their previous purchases. Using an adult adapter will help reduce their carbon footprint.

Google will finally allow Android users to keep that weird thing they just look up on their phone. The new feature, coming to Android in the coming weeks, will let users delete their search history in 15 minutes. Originally announced in May 2021, the feature has been around for Apple iOS devices for almost a year now. But even without it, users are still able to delete their usage history through the Google Service page. This appears to be a quick and easy way to close your recent search session. Unfortunately, TechSpot reported that this feature will only work in Google Search applications and not with other services, such as YouTube.

Brewery Heineken has set up a virtual beer launch to enjoy the hyper around the metaverse. The launch event, which called for real reporters, featured a beer featuring binary hops grown by digital farmers. Participants were given virtual tasting cards and presented with a multitude of interactions. The company describes the event as an ironic launch, and despite the power of the metaverse, it is not a good place to taste beer.

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Communication and user applications are Tom’s first hit at IT World Canada. She loves to talk about Canadian network infrastructure, semiconductor products, and therefore, anything hot and new in the consumer technology field. You will also occasionally find your name added to things on the cloud, security, and SaaS related news. If you are ever looking for a long discussion about the nuances of each of the above categories or in the upcoming product that people would like, feel free to drop by for tli@itwc.ca.

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