Google’s Pixel 6 is surprisingly more exciting but the iPhone 13 is impressive

In Apple’s big iPhone display every year, it gets more excited about the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro with a Tensor chip inside Google’s new home this year. This feeling is natural for any iPhone lover.

But by and large, it was a sunny year for the company in terms of launching the iPhone 13, at least. Sure, that little trick is touching, and drinking clean, have you seen some amazing videos that anyone can play with Cinematic mode? But apart from the frequent improvements to things like the processor and those features mentioned earlier, there are bevy parts that are surprisingly unchanged, such as the overall design and dimensions for starters. The phone is not completely different from the iPhone 12.

Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, on the other hand, seem very impressive and seem to represent a big leap forward for Google in terms of design, functionality and features. Now that it has been launched, the one thing you might find waiting for some people is 5G. As we can say, the Pixel 6 will not get mmWave, which is the ultrafast flavor of 5G provided by the selected transmitters – and it is unfortunate for a flagship phone.

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