Google maps are taking off the latest Apple Watch and iPhone applications

When it comes to iPhone and Apple Watch Connectivity, there is no doubt that Apple Maps offers the best user experience. Most people also like Google Maps for many reasons, and it seems that Google is doing everything it can to improve its popular Maps system for Apple users. Rubén Lozano-Aguilera, Product Manager for Google Maps, has announced the release of new features for the studio shooting service, and some tweaks to its iOS and watchOS applications.

The first of these is that Google will finally allow you to navigate directly from your Apple Watch. It is strange to see this feature arrive in 2022, suggesting that Google Maps actually has a more functional Apple Watch app in 2015 which was released two years later.

Google Maps returns to the Apple Watch in 2020. However, it has not had the same navigation capabilities as its first-generation predecessor. While both versions offer shortcuts to quickly take you to the “Home” or selected “Service” locations, the previous version also provides a list of the most recent sites you want to visit so you can quickly return to them. . Instead, the new version of watchOS of Google Maps allows you to design up to three “Shortcuts” from Google Maps on the iPhone but eliminates recent travel limits. Most importantly, you can’t really start browsing from your Apple Watch; you also need to pull out your iPhone for that.

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Google has said this will change in an update that is expected to start rolling out in a few weeks, although it is unclear on the details. You only notice that “you won’t need to start browsing from your iPhone,” although it looks like your destinations will also be limited to the previous five shortcuts. Most importantly, it appears that Google Maps will become a standalone watchOS application, meaning you will be able to use it from the Apple Watch even when your iPhone is not nearby – suppose you have a cellular model or Wi-Fi connection Add one, of course.

Google Maps also integrates directly into Spotlight. You will see recent results from Google Maps while searching for information from global search on your iPhone or iPad. This will also include being an Apple Shortcut feature to allow you to call directions using Siri. This is not a native Siri connection, as Apple has not yet provided the Siri framework for third-party map applications – but it should allow Google Maps users to do the job.

You will be able to set shortcuts to start searching in Google Maps using voice commands such as “Hey Siri, get directions” or “Hey Siri, available in Google Maps.” Support for Shortcuts is expected to arrive “in the coming months,” while Google promises that “advanced Siri search functionality” will arrive later this summer.

Finally, Google Maps is getting a new pinned travel widget that will let you access travel from your Go Tab directly from your iOS Home screen. Widgets will include additional information such as estimated arrival time, next transit to departure, and even suggested roles for driving.

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