Google is paying billions of dollars to let you use ing Bing

Google seems to be less concerned about spending money in order to maintain its position as a search engine. According to documents, Google pays developers to promote their games through Google Play and gives financial incentives to smartphone manufacturers to move its app store further and further. In exchange for the rest of the default browser in Apple Safari browser, the business paid Apple a huge amount — intended to be around $ 15 billion this year.

That number came from analysts Bernstein, who hoped that Google would make that big fork to maintain its position on Apple devices. The figure is likely to increase to $ 20 billion by 2022. Those figures are based on guidelines found in new financial statements from both companies. And unless something changes significantly in the coming year, Google is likely to continue to pay billions to stay ahead and center for iOS users.

How to Use Google Assistant on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Jane Horvath, Apple’s chief executive officer of global privacy, said earlier this year that the company was wrong to Google because it was the most popular search engine. And Safari allows you to switch from Google to another search engine of your choice. It seems that Apple and Google have a similar symbiotic relationship as a result of this trade. Big pay from Google in technology falls under the division of Apple Services, which has undoubtedly helped Apple increase that revenue line over the years. That helps, as the company diversifies its business across applications.

Considering the word “antitrust” circulating around Google like the wrong fruit fly, analysts note this system could be a strategic risk. If seen as evidence of Google’s antitrust practices, analysts Bernstein estimate that Apple will have a 4-5% reduction in total revenue. Google may also decide to suspend Apple Pay altogether, but analysts believe it will not happen as Google “may pay to ensure Microsoft does not oppose it.”

Google also makes the most of its revenue from advertising revenue. The company posted a record $ 61.9 billion in profits, driven by acquisitions, which generated $ 7 billion itself. But it’s unclear exactly how much Safari contribute to Google’s bottom line, and maybe paying Apple billions is really worth it when the alternative is… Bing.

International travel, torn heads, and robbery. That was three of the highlights of the 20th anniversary of the Attack of the Clones panel held on Friday at the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Temuera stars Moruera, Daniel Logan, and Anthony Daniels joined by producer Doug Chiang, director John Knoll, and sound engineer Matthew Wood to talk about the original cast, and even joined by stars Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor for the a few minutes ago. . The voice of Ahsoka Tano, Ashley Eckstein, hosted. (And sit next to Christensen!)

The conferences spent a lot of time reminiscing about the great memories they made during production, and the incredible technological achievements that the film has come about (including being the first feature film filmed digitally). But the highlights are, of course, personal stories.

Jango Fett himself, Temuera Morrison (who recently starred in Boba Fett’s Book), kicks things off with a cautionary tale by telling himself. He said that while he was changing the event in his room on Kamino where he told his son, Boba Fett, to gather because they were leaving, he noticed George Lucas selling him from the waist up. He thought the line would be better to take in the near future but was not comfortable recommending that to the film’s owner. Fast forward several months and Morrison received a phone call. You need in London to do Attack of the Clones reshoots. So he moved from New Zealand to England, which took him a day, arrived at the theater, matched pese and provided the same line in approx. That is. It is done.

For his son-in-law theater actor Daniel Logan, he explained that he knew Jango Fett was dead in the film — but it wasn’t until the game started when he realized what it meant to be Jango’s hat, he said he is the only person in the theater. He thinks that means he is coming back for Episode III and letting one go out. Which, of course, did not happen. “Hey, they gave me a Lego game,” he joked.

Later, after McGregor was on stage, he could not remember much about filming the rain fight with Jango Fett, but he had vivid memories of the incident when he showed up at the Fett apartment door. Boba answered the door and, apparently, Lucas wanted to see the Jedi suspect. Drink after receiving although, Logan could not get. Then, McGregor took the actor aside and told him, “When I open the door, act like I did a great deal.” It was a perfect motivation — and seeing how well it worked, Lucas thought so, too.

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