Google delights Apple iPhone in launching a new Pixel

Of the many “bold” moves Apple has made in recent years (not our words, but Jony I ve’s), no one is more deviant than removing the headphone jacket from the iPhone 7. That was five years ago. , however, obviously not everyone has moved forward – especially Google. Competing technology giant has just released a Google ad for its Pixel 5a phone, and it is obviously Apple’s own satire that looks fantastic advertising, filled with the voice of Jony Ive-esque on. And it’s all about that thing missing from many great photography phones today: a headphone jacket.

“Calling this a perfect-symmetrical, amazing technology, a ‘headphone jack’ might feel like an understatement… but technically, that’s what it’s called, so… fair enough,” Google’s voiceover comedy in delightfully on -in-top campaign. The video compares ‘round’ to things like pizza, the capital and, physically, the International Space Station. It’s definitely a perfect parody of your own Apple brand, and many are interested in buying non-fiction at the brand. “Self-awareness in this comedy video is such a good picture,” one YouTuber said, while another added, “I think it’s good because it doesn’t even feel like advertising. It’s just fun to see a parody who also manages to advertise a product. ”

But many others have pointed out that the Google smug ad is also somewhat hypocritical. Google itself has removed the headphone jack on most of its Pixel phones, including the upcoming Pixel 6. “They actually removed this station 4 years ago, and it will not be on offer 6. What.” One user complains. “This is why Google will always be a follower. Even their ads follow. ” Another announced. Indeed, when you consider that Google is literally following Apple’s “bold” direction in removing ports on higher end models, unlikely to recommend users to its other AirPods, Google Pixel Buds, the ad start to look like something of a cell phone itself. -ti ara.

But Google can at least take comfort in the fact that it is not the first brand to take on Apple and is not very successful. Who can forget to buy Intel’s flagship in Apple’s M1 Macs from the beginning of this year? So, if all this has got you in the mood to buy an iPhone without a headphone jack, check out the best iPhone 12 deals today below.

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