Goodbye. Apple: EU is close to the mandate that we all use USB-C

By ordering USB-C, the European Parliament decided to take measures to limit electrical waste. Smartphone owners in Europe are one step closer to having to buy a charger for all their devices. In early 2022, the EU unveiled a novel idea to cut electrical waste by requiring all smartphones to use USB-C, a near-universal communication standard.

Yesterday, the European Parliament and the Consumer Protection Commission voted to approve the Commission’s proposals, 43 to 2, taking the law one step further and making it a reality. For anyone making Android smartphones in 2022, this news is beautiful, well, not news: almost all major Androids have a USB-C connection right now. But for Apple, which uses its own Lightning standard (all in all), this is a nice thing – and a huge development.

EU rules, set to take effect in 2026 once all the details have been fully worked out, apply to pretty much all electronics: smartphones, tablets, laptops, headsets, you name it. The idea is that customers will need a single cable to charge and port data between devices. Waste reduction is a very important venue – and one of the most important as climate change increases.

“With half a billion chargers for transport equipment shipped in Europe each year, generating 11,000 to 13,000 tons of e-waste, a charger for mobile phones and other small and medium-sized electronics will benefit all people, “said MEP Alex Agius Saliba. “It will help the environment, also help recycle old electronics, save money, and reduce unnecessary costs and worries for businesses and consumers,” he continued.

“We are really advocating for a comprehensive policy engagement, writing on the Commission’s advice on calling for the integration of wireless charging technologies by 2026 and furthering the information provided to customers with branding. We are also increasing the proposal by adding more products, such as laptops, that will need to comply with the new rules. ”

Apple itself has begun rolling out new iPhones without wall plugs or headsets, citing environmental reasons. EU rules go ahead and will require a thorough review of how the iPhone handles its ports. Given iPads and MacBooks come with USB-C, although, it seems that iPhones possible from 2026 onwards may also.

Charge your iPhone easily with the best iPhone chargers. Max Slater-Robins. Max Slater-Robins has been writing about technology for almost a decade in a variety of industries, covering the development of technology giants, trends in industry and SaaS industries, and much more . Originally from Suffolk, he currently resides in London and enjoys a good night out and walks in the countryside.

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