Goodbye, Android: Why I’m switching to Apple’s iPhone after more than a decade with Google

Taylor and his first iPhone. Go Dawgs!

Goodbye, Android. Hey, Siri.

After more than a decade of dedication to Google’s mobile operating system, I’m leaving for Apple.

I have no problems with Android. But I’m ready to try a new mobile experience and my iPhone friends will stop berating me for being the “green bubble” guy in group chats.

My smartphone journey began in 2008 with the HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1. It remains one of my favorite devices; the sliding keyboard was epic. From there I went through various Samsung Note and Galaxy devices, most recently with the S8 Plus.

The HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1. (Flickr Photo / Michael Oryl)

I stayed with Android because it had a better camera; deeper Google / Gmail integration; and more customization options with home screen widgets, folders, etc. It has also become familiar and comfortable; switching to a new operating system has become more difficult over time.

But the iPhone camera is probably now supreme. Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and other Google apps I rely on are solid on iOS. Home screen widgets finally arrived on the iPhone in September. And as a MacBook user and new owner of AirPods, smoother integration between my devices is interesting.

My transition comes as Apple continues to gain market share in the United States. This year, iOS took the top spot after gaining 20% ​​share in the past eight years, second Statesman. Android still holds a dominant advantage for the world market share.

Market share of the smartphone operating system in the United States from 2012 to 2020. Android is blue; iOS is black. (Statista Chart)

The latest version of the iPhone 12 “should further strengthen the position of iOS in the market”, IDC reported in September. Earlier this year, Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the company’s cheapest iPhone offering, the $ 399 iPhone SE, it helped persuade consumers to switch from Android to Apple.

“It’s the engine of our best phones, in a very affordable package, and it’s faster than the fastest Android phones,” he said in May. “It’s an exceptional value.”

It’s been some fun days with my new iPhone 12 Pro. Learning new navigation gestures and mechanics – where’s my back button ?! – is definitely an adjustment. But it’s not as difficult a step as I thought. (Even Apple offers an app to make the transition easier)

In a way, there are more similarities and fewer differences between iOS and Android than in years past. The most popular apps are on both platforms. Top notch cameras are on iPhones and various Android devices. And with so much of our data storage and processing happening in the cloud, memory capacity and storage space on the devices themselves seem less important. But I have to say that all new smartphones are fast, but the iPhone 12 looks super fast so far.

Ichi poses for the iPhone 12 Pro camera, in Portrait mode.

Regardless, it will be fun to try out a new smartphone platform. I am thrilled to fully immerse myself in the world of Apple with my laptop, headphones and now smartphone firmly rooted in Tim Cook’s hands.

An initial complaint: it was annoying to buy a $ 20 power adapter as Apple decided to remove them from the iPhone box for obvious environmental reasons.

My first exposure to owning an Apple device was the first generation iPod, which my deceased grandfather – an Apple fanboy – bought for me in 2001. That thing was great, especially the spinning wheel and the Brick game.

I know he would be happy with my latest technology purchase. It’s exciting to have another newly released Apple product on hand. I’m not ruling out a return to Android. But for now, I’m blue and ready for the ride.


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