Future Apple may anticipate workouts when you change bands

Simply switching to a different band may be enough to perform a future Apple settings reconfiguration, start workouts, and track your strap usage.

Right from the start, bands or straps for Apple contain typical Apple functionality. The way they attach and detach so firmly but so easily is an example of how the company finds that something that no one else has thought of, but now everyone knows is she’s right.

Even with that, however, the Bands have been fairly static and unchanging parts of the Apple experience for five years. You can swap them out, you can change them a hundred times a day, they’re still just straps.

“[Apple ] The electronic device can respond to the identification of a particular band by performing particular functions, “explains a new Apple patent application,” such as changing an aspect of a user interface or modifying parameters of the electronic device. .

“Identifying bands for portable electronic devices” still doesn’t change what a band itself can do – there’s no mention here of additional sensors or an external battery – but changes what does. happens when they are used. Specifically, when you swap one tape for another, this proposition says the should be able to tell.

More than being able to detect when a tape is attached or detached, Apple wants the tape to recognize the tape in use. And after they identify the group, they should use that identification in some way.

“[The Apple ] can perform a variety of other actions when identifying a tape, “says Apple.” It will be recognized that the detection of an identifying feature may be followed by any associated action that may be performed by the device. electronic.

“For example, where the [] has the required capabilities, the electronic device launches an application, opens a website, starts a timer, displays a message, provides an alert, communicates with another device and / or other functions, ”he continues.

The majority of the patent application is for different methods of band identification, as no informationon is transmitted through the tabs where the strap attaches. Some of these methods require a QR code that the user briefly positions in front of the back of the file.

Patent detail showing one possible way to identify a specific band

“For example,” the patent application continues, “light emitted by the light source may be reflected by the identification element. [The] The identification element 190 may include a pattern on the strip which reflects the wavelength (s) of light emitted by the light source. [which] can be infrared light, visible light (eg green), or other wavelength value or range. ”

In addition to going into Theater Mode when you put on your best band, Apple can also record when and how often a given strap is used. “The usage informationon tracked includes dates, times, durations, locations, activities, user biometrics and / or environmental characteristics in relation to the periods before, during and / or after the use of each band,” suggests Apple.

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